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Apr. 24th, 2011 02:02 am
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Last weekend was the weekend when Freaks, Geeks, Nerds, and Dorks happen upon SUNY Stony Brook for an annual Science Fiction/Fantasy/Fact Convention. This was my 10th I-CON. :) I had a Tooooooooooooooooooon of fun, as I usually do, being surrounded by the people I love.

The Con, for me, in bullet points:




All in all it was a great Convention, as it always is. Can't wait until next year to do it all again!!

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In case you haven't already heard....

I-CON 29 will be March 26th-28th at..........................


That's right! I-CON is making their triumphant return to SBU after not being there last year.




Jul. 17th, 2008 12:14 pm
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I don't care what you say, it *is* fucking personal.

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Another I-CON has come and gone and now I give to you my CON report:

Friday )

Saturday )

Cabaret )

Sunday )

All in all, I-CON 27 is really fun. Hopefully next year with the venue change, it continues to be. :-D

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An elephant paints a self portrait of itself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=He7Ge7Sogrk

I-CON this weekend. Let's make this year's convention a great one!

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I have 3 Tickets available for Discount... They are $10 a piece. I *need* the money by Monday so that I can give it in on Tuesday, so if you want a ticket, you have to send me the money (I can't front it this year...I'm po').

First 3 to respond gets one!!!!

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The following people are on my staff and *Must* respond to this *No Later Than* March 1st (which is Saturday):

[livejournal.com profile] centur21 and your boyfriend (you can reply for him).
[livejournal.com profile] jedisam
Greg & Ryan...I will contact both of them off LJ...heh.

I need to know your current Addresses (Barbara, I need Sean's as well), and T-Shirt sizes!! Comments are screened.


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Sorry it has taken me so long to make a Con report..but better late than never.

Friday: I missed my train, so Sam and Barbara picked me up from Ronk. Got to SB, grabbed my badge and free shirt (long sleeve navy blue with a color picture on it. On the back it sayd I-CON 26 Track Leader). My staff slowly trickled in. I dealt with pre-con BS and then plopped on the steps inside the ISC to plug in my phone. Janice recruited my friend Chris to go with her to pick up "the great Luke Ski" even though Chris would get lost on the way out of a paperbag. So, while dealing with that, I get a phone call from Ryan telling me that he *LOST* his badge. The Con hadn't even started yet and already he lost his badge. We laboriously searched for the badge and then decided to walk to the other parking lot to continue our search. Good thing we decided to do this because [livejournal.com profile] schnuder told us there was a badge at the info desk. Huzzah!! Con doors open and there's a problem at Pre-Reg. Seems that some Trackleaders who filed Discount and Comp badges had non-existant badges at Pre-reg. So, after running around like a madman (woman) I found Mom and she gave me blank ones to fill out :) After this was Green Room time for me and as I head back to the Green Room, I was met by Marc Gunn and Andrew McGee and was given the warmest welcome :-D ::dances around::

The Brobdingnagian Bards had a 2-hour set on Friday night from 7-9pm. It was made of Awesome!! :-D I absolutely *love* The Bards. Brian had never seen a Bards show, so he came and enjoyed the show. Bumped into Stephen and Lorraine :-D Hadn't seen them since RenFaire.

Then we headed off campus for dinner. Mmmmm..omlets :) Headed back to see "the great Luke Ski" and then Brian and I went back to Ft. Henry and went to bed.

Saturday: Got to campus around 11 or so, grabbed a bagel from the Green Room and headed to the Dealer's Floor. We bumped into someone who told us to go attend his panel on Stunt Do's and Don'ts. So, we went and it was awesome!! After that was an Hour long set of The Brobdingnagian Bards :-D Yay Bards! After that was Lunchtime and I got to catch up with Gushi. Then I headed Back to the Dealer's Room to actually purchase something. I bought a Cowthulhu shirt. Soooooo awesome :) And Brian bought me Mad Cow Disease. LOL!!

Skip ahead a few hours to Cabaret. Setup started at 7pm. We helped Ghoul a Go-go set up their first stage presense and started soundchecking everyone. Cabaret ended up not starting till 9:20 due to STUPIDITY that happened 5 mins. to showtime! And no, I will not be saying what it was that happened due to this being Public. Even if it were Friend-locked, I still couldn't write about it.

The show starts and everything was awesome...aside from that fact that 3/4ths of the way through the first act, one of the performers, who was waiting to go on, had to leave to catch a specific train ::pout::

About half way through the show, sound problems occured and took about 40 mins. to figure out that it was an Ungrounded wire that was causing the problem. Thank you to "the great Luke Ski" for entertaining us with 'You Might be a Trekkie' while the problem was being figured out. The sound problems became a running joke with the rest of the performers.

At the end of the show, Creighton, of Ghoul a Go-go came out dressed as Voltaire. Best.Prank.Ever!!! :-D That closed the show and the show ended around 1:15am. Now came the fun part. Breakdown/Cleanup. We finally got out of there around 2am.

This was the end of my I-CON 26 experience, as Sunday I had a wedding to go to which was Amazing and awesome and stuff. Good People, Good Music, Good Food, and Swollen Feet. Good times.



Mar. 29th, 2007 07:21 pm
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I was mentioned in a webcomic called "No Parking Web Comic". Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet )


PS: I swear I'll write up a CON report as soon as I get the chance to...
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On Friday, Got my badge around 2pm and then loitered till people started to show up. I watched The Brobdingnagian Bards at 6pm and they played the most hysterical version of Ducats in the history of The Bards, seriously. They had me in stitches!!! Then I had to deal with guest stuff because Mike Nolan was nowhere to be found, grabbed dinner, and then saw RHPS and then Voltaire. Voltaire got fucked over with sound equipment, but it was still a good show. Some guy proposed to his girlfriend on stage.

On Saturday, I met Marc Singer (Beastmaster), Ron Glass, and Spider Robinson. Saw The Bards again and then went to the panel they were on (I had sooo many other panels I planned on going to but I never do what I plan on doing at the Con). Watched some SCA fighting. Scadians are great people. The rest of my Saturday consisted of running Cabaret which, was quite fun to run :) Watching the acts do sound check was most hysterical (Leo had kilt duty..hehe). Around 11:20pm, a speaker caught on fire in Javitz 105, leaving me to close up Cabaret and make people leave and have my staff work quickly just in case they decided to move the Anime Dance to us (which they didn't...but we got out a half hour earlier than we would have if there was no chance of the anime dance coming in). I want to personally thank my Staff for helping at setup/breakdown of Cabaret :-D

Sunday I saw The Bards play in the SAC (they were ousted from Javitz due to the fire the night before..) so it was a completely accoustic show :) So awesome. Parused the Dealer's Floor and got to talk to the author of Cybernetica. We were talking for a good half hour or so. Despite me being way too sleep deprived, I still found this enjoyable, and when I do finally buy his book, my shipping fee gets waived YAY! It's good to become friends with authors. Anyway, I was supposed to go to the Nagian Gathering of a diner run after the Con was over but the last hour of the Con was spent with me randomly bursting into tears cause I really needed sleep. They will be up here again April 30th cause they are playing at CW Post, so there will be another chance for me to dine with them then. Wheeeeeeeeeeee!!!

All in all twas a good I-Con for me. Unfortunately, being around well over 6000 people during a weekend while getting no sleep made me sickly. Joy... ::sniffles::

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Ok, so turns out I might also need some Staff members for Cabaret. Cabaret runs Saturday night at I-Con, which means you'd ONLY have to work during Cabaret. If you are interested, this gets you a ribboned staff badge, and you obviously get into the Con for FREE. Also? You get fed. And this year, I will *make sure* that you do!!! So if you are interested, LET ME KNOW!!! This will also help me decide who gets discounted memberships. If you originally asked for a discount, you can also ask to be staff. I'm not entirely sure how many people I am allotted for staff, being as Rachel, who is the AD of Performances, is giving me some staff already.

We Need Staff!!!!

Anime and Gaming are also looking for staff, as per CSDave telling me this. So, when you respond, tell me where you want to be placed (if you can be put there) K?

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Being as I am a track leader this year at I-Con, I am given 5 discount I-Con memberships. If memory serves me correctly, these tickets only cost $10 for the weekend!!! So, if you want one of these pretty, shiny, $10 passes, be one of the 1st 5 people to respond stating you want one. :-D From there, I will use my discretion as to who will get those tickets.

Upon "winning" these tickets, you MUST give me the $10 for that membership. If I don't have that money by Tuesday, February 28th, *before* the I-Con meeting, which is at 7pm, you will lose out. This gives you 1 and a half weeks to get me the money. I can't cover anyone before the con this year due to lack of funds, sorry.


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