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On Saturday night, I went to Mulcahy's in Centereach for Charlie's final gig before he and Val move to California. Charlie got a job with APPLE and he starts next month.

The night was bittersweet. I hadn't seen Silent Generosity play since I saw them at the Great South Bay music festival over the summer. I was excited to see Dennis there to show his support (he was with the band until he went away to boot camp...) and one of my former co-workers Christina was there as well. :)

The show put my life into perspective: I have been following Silent Generosity for 8 YEARS. I had met Charlie in our Western Civilization class and he told me about this band that he just joined and his first gig with them, at Molly Blooms, a battle of the bands contest, was my introduction to SG. So it was fitting that I would be at his last gig with them.

Here's the playlist from the show:

1st set
Show You the Way
Hit and Run
Machine Head (Bush cover)
Break Me Down
Misguided Fools

Intermission -- During the intermission, Silent Generosity played a video tribute to honor Charlie, as a surprise.

Ryan made an announcement when they were about to start the 2nd set that Dennis would be playing the next 3 songs instead of Cory. This made my night. Dennis should always be playing with them. :) It was a nostalgia trip...

2nd set
Walking Dead (w/Dennis)
The Light (w/Dennis)
Shadow of the Sun (w/Dennis)
Charlie improvised stuff on his bass in this spot. So awesome.
Girl Was Gone
Tragic End
Lost Time

You can find most of these songs here and here

I wish Charlie and Val all the best on the west coast!!

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Tina Fey was awarded the Mark Twain award the other night on PBS. PBS editted her speech because it went over time. What they editted out is her criticisms of Sarah Palin on Rape Kits, Gay Marriage and Evolution. Hmmm...

Anyway, here is her speech in its entirety. The editted portion starts around 12:30.

Watch the full episode. See more Mark Twain Prize.


My Evening

Nov. 14th, 2010 12:01 am
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Brian and I had a wonderful time tonight! My mom got 2 free tickets to go see Poco tonight at the Boulton Center in Bayshore. Unfortunately, my dad has work at 6am tomorrow, so my mom couldn't go to the show. Fortunately for Brian and I, we got to go!!!

To be quite honest, we didn't know what to expect because we didn't have name/song recognition. We jogged our memories yesterday by finding this song by them, which was their opening song tonight:

But my actual band name/song recognition came a few songs later:

I had a moment of "So that's who sang this song! I get it now."

The first set was amazing. Very interactive with the audience and bouncy and awesome!! We also learned that they will be hitting the studio starting in January to put together a new album. They played a few of the songs that will be on there. One of them was actually a song on the bassist's solo album. AMAZING!! Loved every moment of it.

The 15 minute intermission came and went. The 2nd set was piercingly loud. This made for interesting times with my ears. Too loud to really ejoy it and all the songs sounded alike, so I could decipher what I was really listening to. It was still fucking awesome though.

All in all a great concert!

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As if Cee-Lo Green's "Fuck You" couldn't get any better, I present to you this gem:

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Filthy, stinkin' RICH!!!

The house was called the other day by Arbitron and I answered a few questions over the phone. They're like a Neilson Ratings group.

So, today, in the mail, I received a thank you gift of...

::drum roll::


And it came as actual money, not as a gift card or a check or a money order....just as two singles!!!




Jul. 23rd, 2010 07:56 pm
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Lyrics by [ profile] auntiesiannan Music by [ profile] goldorak

Boost the signal and make this thing go VIRAL!!



Jun. 10th, 2010 10:12 pm
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Squeeeeeeeeee!! [ profile] alorarose just sent me a virtual Lemur on here.

I have named it Johnny. Isn't he cute? :)

And if you are wondering why Johnny, it's because The Boogie Knights are super awesome and have a song called "Madagascar" in which they sing about Lemurs... Johnny Lemurs :-D I want to petition to have them back at I-CON!!

D'oh! Embedding was disabled, however, here is a link to a performance of the song:

Lyrics behind cut )

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Every so often I get bitten by the Nostalgia bug. The longing of years gone by. What prompted this bout of Nostalgia was Digg, that evil temptress!

So, now, I shall share my plight with you:

1980s Sitcom songs as covered by fans

Which then led me to this: 10 best 80s cartoon theme songs

And now, I have pulled up my specific nostalgia playlist of Theme songs from movies and TV shows from the dawning of time through the 90s.

As a special added bonus, Digg also linked me to this little gem: Apparently the Future was changed I can honestly say I'm one of those people who did not catch that. LOL! Ultimately, this will lead me to watching at least part of the movie later in the week. Ya know...after I get through my at least 4 days worth of Theme songs, probably more, but I don't feel like converting the minutes to days right now :-P

Ahh nostalgia. I love you dearly. If anyone is interested, I could send you some of my massive collection of TV and movie theme songs. :-D

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If you are a US citizen aged 18 and over, get out there and VOTE today!!

And now for your viewing enjoyment, a tribute to John Williams:



May. 29th, 2008 02:23 pm
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I think I may have just died.

Special thanks to [ profile] thecatinthehat For posting this video on Facebook! :-D

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An elephant paints a self portrait of itself:

I-CON this weekend. Let's make this year's convention a great one!

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I saw this on my friend [ profile] chavah's LJ and I *HAD* to post it :)



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...That makes you want to kill people.

Trust me, you want to listen to this. It's absolutely awesome. Thank you Janet for showing this to me :-D


OMG part 2

Jan. 25th, 2007 07:16 pm
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Sooooo.....MSN ran an article on last night's American Idol. The Article is here:

Also... Rachel's audition is up on YouTube here:


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I got this link from my friend [ profile] elflore. It's Monty Python and the Holy Grail meets Star Trek!!!

This is hilarious!!


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