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This weekend was really, really, fun! [ profile] kradical & [ profile] wrenn threw a most excellent party on Saturday night, to which, Brian, [ profile] alorarose and I were invited, as well as a bunch of other people, both whom I had either previously met or met for the first time last night.

It was really good to see [ profile] suricattus & Ian Randal Strock again. Hadn't see the former since the reading back in August and the latter since February.

The food was really yummy too! [ profile] kradical made his own tomato sauce, which is spicy & very flavorful. [ profile] wrenn made pulled chicken, and Dale made a baked brie which was to die for!

Had great conversations throughout the night, which brought forth some extremely amusing quotes, such as these gems:

"I do that through all cats and porn!"
"Sadly, this is not Klingon foreplay, this is classic human douchebaggery!"
"Pull up your asbestos Satan panties!"

To find out who said those, see my Twitter feed.

Brian, [ profile] alorarose, and I stayed the night. More amusing conversations occured today. We left around 2:30 to go home.

I love my friends :)

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As if I needed yet another reason to love [ profile] chris_walsh...

I came home about an hour ago to a package waiting for me on my desk. I read the return address to see it was from Chris and then turned over the package to find written on it:

"Read a book,
Read a book,
Read a m------------ book"

And then I opened the package. Inside was, as you might have already assumed, a book. But not just *any* book. No no.... this is a book that I never once saw in a bookstore, or my local libraries, but always wanted to read and own ever since it came out. And now I can.

The book that Chris sent me is Dragon Precinct by [ profile] kradical!! Inside, on the title page, is an inscription, transcribed by Chris from Keith :)

"To Bonnie -
Beware Portlanders bearing gifts. Especially that Walsh guy -- can't trust him as far as you can throw him...
- Keith
(transcribed by Chris)"


Also, inside the package, was a handwritten letter (a dying breed, that) on the best stationery ever, which was very sweet (and no I'm not going to share what was written).

I am squeeeeeeeeeee-ing in circles, for the record.

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Yesterday was great fun! Brian and I headed to NJ to celebrate [ profile] dqg_neal's 40th birthday (with bonus of it being held on [ profile] karistan's 36th birthday). [ profile] kradical and [ profile] wrenn were there too :)

There were 14 of us and we went to a fine Mexican restaurant in Freehold called Escondidos. Brian had the Mariscos Platter and I had a combo of a Chile Relleno, Empanada, and Tamale. Everything was absolutely scrumptious!!

After fooding, most of us headed back to their place for more hanging out and laughing and kitties! The cats were actually social and friendly, despite there being many, many humans.

We left around 7:45. Shockingly, both going there and coming home, we hit relatively no traffic. Huzzah!!

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I'm sorry I suck at timeliness on posting this, but I needed a few days to compose thoughts to write them down :)

New Years Eve was *awesome*!! Brian and I picked up Chris (his brother) from their folks (he spent the night after Christmas part II). We got breakfast from the Georgia Diner before continuing on into Manhattan to Chris's apartment. Nolan and Julie joined us and we went to The Cloisters.

After grabbing a bite to eat, we parted ways. Brian stayed with Chris, Nolan, and Julie. I hopped on the bus and headed toward [ profile] kradical's place. There was a really helpful gentleman on the bus that told me when to ring for my stop. For the most part, the sidewalks were clear, until I reached the block where his apartment is, and there was barely a footpath to walk on. Thankfully, I was wearing my snowboots.

I met some really amazing people and had a wonderful time!! Here's some highlights and hilarious quotes (that won't be credited to protect the innocent, and not-so-innocent. However, if you would like to take credit for your quote(s), let me know and I'll add your name to it) from the night:

  • Met: Tina([ profile] karistan), Neal, Danny, Dennis, Laura Anne Gilman, Ian Randal Strock, Nea Dodson ... I know I'm missing at least two people. I suck :(
  • Clicking almost instantly with [ profile] karistan
  • Tina and I determined we were separated at birth, really. We have a lot of the same idiosynchrasies.
  • "When the bottom fell out of the emu market..."
  • Wrenn's homemade meatballs and [ profile] kradical's homemade sauce: Perfect match!
  • Scooter doesn't know what to do with himself! Becomes area rug...
  • "Netflix: The Wonder Drug"
  • New Year's Crackers (these things are weird, but not as weird as the Christmas ones).
  • "Y'know, you don't usually see this kind of action on a mattress without putting a quarter in."
  • "Jumper cables, when properly applied, do wonders for stamina!"
  • "No hamsters, no gerbils, no drain cleaner."
  • Rang in the New Year with Proseco and blackberries (the actual berry).
  • She's a pretty pretty princess!!
  • I meant the previous bullet point in all ways possible!
  • "Why are you pulling on my toes?"
  • Became a very melted puddle of kitten. Ear massages are amazing. The Ferengi definitely got something right with that one... Mmmm.. Oomox.
  • Slept in the library.
  • Sterling plopped on my feet and didn't budge until I really needed to get up.
  • Scooter still didn't know what to do with himself, so he slept in the hallway.
  • Snuggle times for the win!!
  • Brian finally joined us! Huzzah!!
  • Brian and I left around 1:30pm with Tina and Neal and went to a really tasty cafe down the road.
  • Parted ways around 3pm.

    I'm not kidding when I say this was the Best. New Years. Ever! Didn't get a kiss at midnight, but that was more than made up for!! :)

    And for the record? I'm still floating on Cloud Nine. I *might* tell you all why... if you ask nicely.

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    As promised in This Post, I'm going to tell you all about two really great podcasts: The Chronic Rift and Fanboy Remix.

    Fanboy Remix is the brainchild of Bobby Shortle & Brian Verderosa, both of which I went to High School with. They graduated a year after me, but I was good friends with Brian (we still occasionally talk nowadays, but I haven't seen him since he was touring as his solo project and I was living literally next door to him, so it's been quite a few years). Anyway... I've been listening to the Fanboy Remix podcast pretty much since its inception (when Brad Jones, another person I went to HS with, was part of the show), through the format change and gaining a female perspective. Nowadays, Fanboy Remix is a podcast which features Bobby, Brian, Jacqui (a Brit transplant!), and Bob talking about TV shows they've watched recently, reviewing new movies, Box Office numbers, "Trending topics", and more! It's hard to really describe the dynamic of the show, so you'll just have to listen to it. Here's the most recent podcast: Episode 2.29 "Happy Holidays" You can subscribe to them on iTunes as well.

    The Chronic Rift is a podcast based off of a Public Access Show that aired in NYC in the 90s, which was hosted by Judith Funari and Keith R.A. DeCandido ([ profile] kradical). Created by John S. Drew ([ profile] drewshi), both the old Public Access Show (which is available to view Here!!) & the podcast offer news, reviews, interviews, discussion, and commentary on all aspects of pop culture with a heavy emphasis on science fiction and fantasy (I borrowed the description from the Chronic Rift website). Each week, the Chronic Rift regulars bring amusement to their listeners ears. Everything brought to the table is interesting. Once a month, they have an In Review episode where John S. Drew poses a trivia question for the listeners to answer and win prizes. Also in that episode, Keith has his "Couch Potato Salad" where he reviews tv shows he's been watching. Very recently, they ran the 12 Days of Riftmas and each day there was a different regular hosting the show and doing something they wanted to do. For example, on Day 3, Orenthal ([ profile] popfiend) read two warped versions of Twas the Night Before Christmas, one of which was a Lovecraft Christmas. I've said this elsewhere, but I absolutely love being read to. That being said, Day 3, Day 7 (where John S. Drew reads his Doctor Who short story), and Day 11 (where Keith reads 2 of his stories that I mentioned here) were my favorites of the 12 Days of Riftmas. I would link you to the most recent Chronic Rift episode, but it's an after show. You can download the episodes directly from the website or subscribe to it on iTunes. You can also subscribe to the old Public Access Show (The Chronic Rift Classic) on iTunes. Trust me when I say it's worth it just to see Keith as his 21 year old self.

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    On Thursday morning, I embarked on a journey to the Bronx to visit [ profile] kradical, [ profile] wrenn, Dale, Newk, Rhi, Belle, Sterling, and Scooter. I hadn't been to their place or seen any of them since September. And though I had more recently seen [ profile] kradical, it was still back in September. Damn our non-compatible schedules!

    I caught the 7:19am super express train to Penn with two #crankys (one of which I had never actually travelled with before, but have met on numerous occassions) and CSDave caught the train with us too, which was crazy in and of itself because he's usually on a later train. He took the train with us because he needed to lend me some things and give me a belated Chanukah present, which was really awesome of him. He gave me a *signed* copy of The Evil Gazebo by Bernie Mojzes.

    I had some time to kill once I got to Penn before continuing on the next leg of my journey, so I decided I'd catch up with the world on the internet. Fat chance. Penn station claims to have Wi-Fi. It connected but nothing ever loaded, so it was as good as useless. Oh well. Time passed by and I hopped on the subway, shockingly got a seat, and was on my way to the Bronx. YAY!! The 1 decided to run express between 168th and 207th. Whoops. It didn't pass my stop, but complicated some things because of timing. I wasn't supposed to get to my stop until 10. I was there 20 mins early! Thankfully, it all worked out and [ profile] kradical picked me up. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! ::ahem::

    I got a warm welcome from Scooter when we got to the apartment. This dog, OMG. I love Scooter. He's an almost 11 year old Golden Retriever puppy who really loves me. According to Wrenn, Scooter doesn't react to and interact with other houseguests the way he does with me. I'm special :)


  • Had really interesting conversations with Wrenn, Dale, and Keith
  • Went to the diner.
  • Went on an errand run: Got a bookcase from Target so Wrenn could complete her shelving of books (AND SHE DID!!), and went to a grocery store that had a crazy cheese section (mmmm free sample Extra Aged Gouda... nom nom nom)
  • All the kitties made themselves known and got snuggles and tons of scritches from me.
  • Scooter competing for ALL of my attention.
  • Went through all of Wrenn's book doubles and ended up with quite a few :)
  • Walked Scooter with Keith down to a Basketball court so Scooter could run around.
  • Watched Pulp Fiction, Midnight Run, and the first 3 episodes of Hustle. Great show that is. I have to watch more of it.
  • Keith made a scrumptious dinner.
  • Wrenn made a really tasty dessert.
  • Tons and Tons of Keith hugs. Seriously, he gives the best hugs.
  • Snuggled up with Scooter and Rhi when I went to sleep. Woke up to Sterling.
  • Listened to the 11th day of Riftmas, which featured Keith reading "Diary of a False Man" from X-Men: Legends and "Here There Be Monsters" from the Star Trek SCE series, both written by him. It was so great :) I love being read to, so this made my early morning, before everyone else was awake.
  • More snuggles from the animals.
  • Having conversations with each other while not moving from our rooms. This was silly and fun at the same time. Eventually I made my way into their room.

    It soon came time for me to head home. Trust me when I say I did NOT want to leave. I love Keith, Wrenn, and Dale. They always make me feel welcome in their home. I'm sad I didn't get to say goodbye to Dale because he was not awake when I left. Motivation for me to actually leave was [ profile] alorarose offering to pick me up from the train station. I hadn't seen her since Black Friday. I bid Keith and Wrenn adieu when they dropped me off at the A train. So sad :( As I was going down the stairs to the subway, I missed them already.

    The MTA website lied and said there was a 1:10pm train. When I got to Penn, I had to do a mad dash because the train was actually at 1:05pm and I first had to purchase a Penn to Jamaica ticket. I made the train by the skin of my teeth. The doors were closing when I was still on the stairs. Yikes! My lungs hated me for the entire trip to Merrick. Random occurance: When the train got to Rockville Centre, I noticed someone I know on the platform and managed to get her attention from inside the train :) It pays to wave like a lunatic.

    [ profile] alorarose picked me up and we went to Friendly's for foodage and then she drove me home. I rolled out and baked half a batch of Gingerbread (which yielded 40 gingerbread men) to bring with me to Brian's family Christmas celebration. :) So much gingerbread. I didn't feel like decorating them though. Oh well.

  • Weekend!

    Sep. 6th, 2010 06:42 pm
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    I had a really awesome weekend. On Saturday, Brian and I flew a kite at Cedar Beach, had ice cream at McNutly's Ice Cream Parlor (which I hadn't been to since HS), and watched Kick-Ass. The movie was really good, very bloody, and soooo not for children (at least one 4/5 year old saw the movie from my mom's previous class...WTF).

    On Sunday, Brian, [ profile] alorarose, [ profile] kradical, Wrenn, and I went to the NY Renaissance Faire in Tuxedo, NY. The last time Brian and I were there was back in 2007. We decided to caravan, so Brian, Danielle, and myself travelled in Brian's car and went to Keith and Wrenn's place, where we then followed them to I-87 and then we took over as lead of the caravan the rest of the way (because we knew how to get to the Ren Faire from there).

    We saw Hey Nunnie Nunnie, Stewart and Arnold (knife throwing show), Birds of Prey show, and Wolgemut!! So full of awesome! There a lot of new stuff there and they rearranged some things and added a new building. We bumped into Ste and Lorraine and her son Jeremy, so we hung with them for a bit before branching off.

    We headed back to Keith and Wrenn's and Keith showed us the quite hilarious Roast of him that was done last year at Shore Leave. We were all in stitches. We headed home afterwards and got back around Midnight. All in all a great day!

    Today was a lazy day. Brian and I loafed around till 2:30 when we decided we should get lunch, so we finally tried the Denny's that opened in Centereach. Brian ahd never eaten at a Denny's before. He is now a convert. LOL! After that, we headed to his folks so I could pick up my new laptop battery, which is charging right now, so that my laptop no longer dies after only a half hour. Huzzah! This is also the upgraded battery, so it will no longer lay flat. Hopefully this won't pose a problem for having it in my backpack. We shall see tomorrow.

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    So the original plan was that I was going to take the subway to Delancey, go to the show, and then hop on the subway to Charlie's for the night. In the morning, [ profile] kradical told me that he and Wrenn would be able to drive me to Charlie's. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

    When I got out of class at 4:30, I was trying to decide what to do til the show, because I didn't want to wander around Delancey's not the most pleasing of neighborhoods. Keith suggested that I could schlep to him. So, I did that. I took the Q25 to the 7 to the 1 and it took about an hour and 40 mins to get to the stop I needed. I called Keith when I got to Dyckman so that he and Wrenn could come fetch me from the subway stop I was told to go to. We ran an errand and then headed back to their place, where I was greeted by Scooter. Heh. I talked to Dale while Keith was getting ready and Wrenn walked Scooter, and discovered that he knows [ profile] page_of_swords as he told me an amusing anecdote that involved his daughter and Rob. My intertwined web of life, let me show you it.

    We left the house around 7:15 and got there with plenty of time before Wolgemut was to perform :) After the show, we decidedly needed dinner, so we wandered around a bit and discovered a brick oven pizza place called San Marzano. It was absolutely scrumptious :) And their strawberry preserves were thick and tasty (Came with our cheese plate). I would go there again if I happen to be in the neighborhood. Our waitress was cute too. ;)

    After dinner, they drove me to Charlie's. I now know how to get there by car...huzzah!!

    This morning, Charlie and I did our usual next day breakfast of French Toast at Provence en Boite, which is the French bistro down the road from where he lives. Nummies! After breakfast, we headed to the subway and parted ways when we reached Jay Street.

    Achte Gesundheit!!

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    I saw Wolgemut at The Delancey last night with [ profile] kradical and his wonderful girlfriend Wrenn. This time, Wolgemut was in their Civvies because they figured they would be in their costumes for the extended weekend, so why the fuck not?! It was a smaller, more intimate crowd than last week. It was also a smaller venue. At the end of a good portuion of the songs, Micha shouted Achte Gesundheit (which means to good health), we'd repeat and then all take a drink. They played some of the stuff they played last week, in addition to a NEW never-before-played-in-public song, and a new arrangement of "The Polar Bear Dance" which they called "Techno Bear". :) At one point during the show, they taught us a dance that we did during one of the songs, with the band in the middle of the circle. Good times!

    So, All in all a great show! Dinner is ready, so I shall post again later tonight with the rest of the evening.



    Aug. 27th, 2010 11:33 am
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    Last night was AWESOME! After a day of 6 hours of labs (ugh), I took the subway into Manhattan to see Wolgemut. [ profile] marcgunn's agent recruited me to help promote their shows, so I did and there was a really great turn out. They had a fucking awesome set!

    Shortly after I arrived, [ profile] kradical and his girlfriend Wrenn showed up. This was the first time I met Wrenn. She's so awesome :) After the show, we went and got dinner from a place called Panchito's. We had fajitas. They were tasty.

    After dinner, we headed back to their place. There was a nasty accident that we ended up sitting in craptons of traffc for, but it was ok because we were having good conversations and listening to awesome music in the car. I got to meet the menagerie of pets they have and was greeted first thing by their doggie :) We watched Burn Notice and Royal Pains (I had never watched either series, but now I'm going to have to!).

    I went to sleep around 2am, kinda. Scooter, who insisted that he lick my leg and my arm every chance he got, didn't let me really go to sleep untill about 3am. It was amusing as all hell though, and made me miss having a dog.

    [ profile] kradical was flying out of LaGuardia this morning, so Wrenn offered to drive me to QC, otherwise I'd have had to make my way from the Bronx, which wouldn't have been so bad. However, if I chose the latter, I wouldn't have gotten to spend more time with them, so it was a win/win :)

    I asked [ profile] kradical to sign my "Star Trek: A Singular Destiny" book, and I felt so fan girly asking. It was hilarious :-P

    I had soooooo much fun, and it made my day/night/morning so much more awesome because of it :-D I am wolgemut!!! :)

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    Last night, I had the most epic of dreams involving [ profile] kradical, [ profile] chris_walsh, and Levar Burton. It was so epic, I have to write about it! So without further ado, I give dream.

    For some reason that occurred prior to my entering into the dream, Levar Burton invited us to be on the set of Star Trek: The Next Generation for the taping of the most awesome Reading Rainbow episode EVER that involved meeting the TNG cast and going behind the scenes...ya know, this episode. Only, instead of us being the ages we were back when it was taped (in 1991), we were how old we are now, including Levar Burton...until he got into his Geordi Le Forge character...then he'd revert back to 1991 him. Bizarre but extremely awesome!

    After the taping, Levar Burton wanted to interview [ profile] kradical and asked him about his TNG novels and new prospects, while [ profile] chris_walsh and I sat on the sidelines and watched with Michael Dorn, who was still in his Worf makeup (that stuff takes forever to put on!!)

    After the interview, the rest of the cast joined us for lunch, as they are now and not in 1991. I was sad that Wil Wheaton couldn't join us, but the day of the taping wasn't one of the production days he was on the set, so he didn't get the memo. Oh well.

    The dream closed with us at the airport. [ profile] kradical and I said goodbye to [ profile] chris_walsh at his gate before going to ours to catch our plane home.

    ETA: I should mention that the interview ended up airing on the episode.



    May. 18th, 2010 08:58 pm
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    [ profile] kradical is awesome, and really fun to hang out with.

    Just thought I'd let you guys know that :-D


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