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Yes yes...I know there are some of you out there that heard that Brian and I have been engaged since April. From Brian and I, that is in fact true, however, in mine and his parents eyes...*Now* we are engaged. So, therefore, this is the formal announcement of our engagement :-D

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So, this weekend was awesome, though it would have been even more awesome if I got more Brian time.

Brian, Janet and myself went to Subway on Friday for dinner and then met up with Nolan at Borders. Brian bought me "Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Plunges into Music". It's sooooo awesome! :-D

Saturday, I walked 4.2 miles with Brian and Jocelyn (my friend Dave's girlfriend) from Brian's house to Carvel on Portion Road and back. Then, around 4-ish, my mom called me and asked if I wanted to go to Lancaster, PA for the night so we could have Amish Breakfast in the morning. She didn't have to twist my arm for that one :) So, my family picked me up from Brian's and we were on our way around 6pm. Sweeeeeeeet! The last time the whole family went to Lancaster, PA together was back in 1998 when my brother was at Oswego. Craziness. I'm also pretty sure that was the last time we all went on Vacation together (Weddings don't count as vacations).

We stopped at Molly Pitcher for dinner (we got Roy Rogers..yum yum yum) and we got to our final destination of Ronx, PA (which is right by Stasburg) around 11pm. Rt 222 is a dangerous road to travel on at night because there are no overhead lights and deer cross the highway often. ::sigh::

This morning, we woke up and went to Hershey Farm for breakfast. Mmm...sticky buns, scrapple, baked french toast, baked oatmeal, and shoo fly pie. :-D As well as an array of typical breakfast foods. Then we bought some Chow Chow and went outside to look at the goats. While being amused by their antics, Scott suggested we take a trip to Atlantic City. He and I were never there and mom did want to go to the beach today to walk along the shore. So, we packed into the car and headed to Atlantic City. On the way out of Lancaster, there were many many cows on farms with some horses and donkeys. But yay cows!! :-D

When we got to Atlantic City, we walked along the boardwalk and then on the sand for a bit. Then it was time to go to a casino. My dad was tired, so instead of walking to Taj Mahal like we quasi planned, we went to Bally's, where I won $24.50 playing the 25¢ machine!!! Huzzah! My brother was ahead at the blackjack table and then the dealer started getting consecutive blackjacks. Damn stacked Cards. So, I split my winnings with Scott (it was his money I was playing with.) My mom had $5 and she put it in a 25¢ machine...down to 5 credits, Scott and I told her to play all 5..and she ended up winning $12.50!! :-D After that, we went to this mall that extends over the water and bought some Salt water taffy.

On our way home, we stopped in Brooklyn for dinner. We went to Original Pizza in Mil Basin (we have nostalgic ties to that pizza place). It was just as delicious as we remembered it to be :-D

And that was my weekend. We just got home about an hour ago.

What did you do this weekend?


Epic Moment

Dec. 2nd, 2007 07:08 pm
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This epic moment has been brought to you by someone who hasn't talked to me since the beginning of February 2006. ::Huggles::

Though, I'm not quite ready to talk about it yet. I'm still in shock.

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Some interesting things to note from this weekend:

* Selden House memories coming back to life.

* Utopia. 'Nuff said.

* Meeting Brian's parents, as well as other relatives of his.

* Learning new Dice game. Sooooo much fun!! Must play some more. Anyone got 6 normal dice lying around??

* Bronx Zoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mew :)

Feb. 19th, 2007 09:47 pm
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This weekend was filled with awesome. On Friday, I went to Fort Henry and spent the night, but I had to be home by 10:30am Saturday morning to do laundry...bah.

Aside from laundry on Saturday, I did nothing else. So, essentially, Saturday sucked.

Sunday, however, was awesome. Brian picked me up and I drove from here to Tanger Outlet in Riverhead. Parking Lot of evil -_- Brian had to get himself sneakers, which was why we went to Tanger. Three pairs of sneakers and one pair of boots later, we were done. We went back to Fort Henry and watched "The Big Lebowski." Great movie. I highly suggest it if you've never seen it.

Today was President's Day, so I didn't have class today! Huzzah!! Instead, I drove some more. I'm getting a lot better, though I still have some things I need to work out.

So, that was my weekend. This week is going to kick my ass though with having to be on campus till 10pm and then head to my friend's house in Brooklyn for the night because of the stupid timing of trains and such and the fact that I have class early in the morning next day. Blah.

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I am loved :-D

That is all.

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Thursday 12/21: [ profile] muhon was in town, so Gushi, myself, Aakin, and Mark joined her at Hoshi for a very tasty lunch. Thank you for treating us all :-D And then of course it was Barbara's 21st birthday. We (Gushi, Michelle, JC, Jenn, myself, and Barbara) went to The Rinx to ice skate and then headed to The Keep and proceeded to all get shitfaced (except for JC because he had to drive). Gushi, upon eating his Orange Chicken discovered A piece of Brick in his food. I spent the night.

Friday 12/22: Barbara awakes with only a slight headache. Huzzah! I went with Gushi to work. That was an experience. It was "Fix the bathroom fan" day. A trip to Home Depot and a Gushi covered in drop ceiling, the fan was fixed. Gushi offered to pick my mom up from work :)

After we dropped my mom home and I grabbed a bunch of clothing, and then we went to the Solstice party. It was a lot of fun...sooo many people were there. And Brian Marcoe offered to teach me how to drive. He drives a School Bus, so I'll definitely be in good hands. We go back to The Keep and I spent the night.

Saturday 12/23: Gushi and I went to see The Pursuit of Happyness. Excellent excellent movie and Will Smith's son was in it. Then we went back to The Keep and watched Star Trek: The Animated Series. Janet came by and Gushi, myself, Janet, and Michelle went to Eldorado for tasty dinner. I spent the night.

Sunday 12/24: Gushi and I went to Stop & Shop to buy everything we needed for Xmas dinner. That was fun. Gushi then drops me home so I can shower and grab more clothing. He went to his mothers house. He comes back to pick me up and we head back to The Keep. Emilie and Fossil came by. We started baking and making the apple/pineapple sauce. Gushi plays Trauma Center for the Wii. Fucking insane game. I spent the night.

Monday 12/25: Happy Chismahanukwanzukafestivyule. Gushi and I cooked a *ton* of food. Joining he and I for dinner were Michelle, Chris, DK, and Tommy. We had a bunch of leftovers. Michelle played Zelda on the Wii...what a pretty game, though my favorite still stands: Link to the Past. After that, Gushi played more Trauma Center. Amazing game of DOOM. I spent the night.

Tuesday 12/26: Happy Boxing Day. Gushi felt like poo and Fossil came by. I packed leftovers to take home with me. We went on an adventure leading to me getting home. I got home a little after 6pm. I stayed home. My family was confused. It was funny.

And that was my week in review.

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Sometimes I wonder if the choices I've made in life were the right ones.

Do you ever wonder?

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I'm sorry..

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The most important key element of any relationship is Communication. Because without that, what do you have??

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Sooooo...this weekend started off craptastic and then ended up being spectacular :-D

Saturday: Parents were driving home from the store when a jackass who didn't speak English hit into them at the corner of Granny Road and North Ocean Avenue (83). They ended up having to call the police because he had an out of date insurance card. Assessment of the damage: Just a huge dent on the passenger side in the back right after the door. What got damaged: Bumper and Side Panel. Pricing approximation: $2K of damage. Amount of money my parents have to pay: $0. It's being covered by the shit head's insurance company. We're getting a rental tomorrow, also paid for by them.

After dealing with that, I went on a quest with Gushi to New Jersey where he houses his servers because he had to fix one of them. I-Con's server also needed maintenance so it was convenient that Gushi was already out there for another server. After everything was fixed, we went to Manhattan and I got to meet his father. He's a retired NYC cop and is an author of detective stories, so he lent me a copy of one of his books (Black and White) to read.

Then we went to dinner at Moonstruck diner. Wow, patrons can be really mean to the waitstaff. I wouldn't be surprised if they had their food spit in.

After fooding, we went back to Gushi's dad's place for a bit. He's a really nice guy :-D And then we headed back to the Keep to go sleep. We got back there at around 5:30am. Slept till wayyyy too late in the day and then we had really flaky tasty bisquits and watched the PETA episode of Penn and Teller's Bullshit. What an awesome show. I had to go home after that, so Gushi drove me home. I was surprised my mom didn't kill me for not calling considering she had called me earlier in the day sounding all pissed. Meh.

And that's how my weekend went from craptistic to spectacular :-D Gushi is a lot of fun to be with :)


Hmmm... :)

Apr. 6th, 2006 10:41 am
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This is definitely going to be a fun relationship... :)



Feb. 8th, 2006 02:31 pm
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I swear, if someone asks me what I'm doing for Valentine's Day, I will not be accountable for my actions toward you.



Feb. 8th, 2006 01:47 am
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I feel betrayed...


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