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Happy 2007 everyone!! Hope you enjoyed your New Years celebration as much as I did!! :-D

So..the days preceeding 2007 were filled with awesome fun times. On Friday, Brian came by and I drove his car for an hour and a half. Twas a lot of fun :-D His car is low to the ground, so I feel much safer than when I was driving my friend's truck over the summer. Then we went over to Attias Flea Market. I hadn't been there in quite some time. Afterwards, we went to Fort Henry, where I feel very much at home. Nolan was just waking up and I got to see CSDave in a rare non-suited occurance, not to mention his hair not looking usual. I told him he should keep his hair that way and he gave me such a look. :-P I was being serious though... Anyway, so later on, Jarrod, Lisa, and Boglin came by. Lisa cooked for us. And we had alcohol...mmm..alcohol. Saaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrsguaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrd!!! I ended up spending the night.

Saturday, I drove Brian's car again. We ended up on the LIE because the service road decided it wanted to end. So, after I regained my composure because omg I'm driving on the LIE...we ended up in Eastport. I drove all around till we ended up back in Selden (that is, after driving around Manorville, down to Yaphank, up to Rocky Point...across to Coram, and down to Selden). It was fun, and I get to drive again really soon :-D We went for pizza and then he drove me home.

New Year's Eve was awesome. My brother was making Vodka sauce from scratch, so it smelled heavenly in the apartment. JC picked me up and we went to go pick up Jenn from her house. We stayed there for a bit and then headed to Bill and Victor's. I had a blast!! The party was smaller than the usual Bill and Victor party but it was fun. The weird occurance of the evening was seeing a person I hadn't seen since I graduated High School. He met a different me that night. I got pleasently drunk and we rang in the new year watching the ball drop. Bill got the projection thing hooked up 3 mins before the New Year :) First hug of 2007: Pam. First kiss of 2007: Victor.

I then wandered off to go play some drunken DDR (there was also Drunken Wii playing going on). Drunken DDR on hard plastic pads is not as fun as on the soft pads. At around 12:30 or so, a bunch of people went down to the park to set off fireworks. I stayed back and was out on Victor's deck with Brian and we were out there for the next 2 hours...until it started to rain. Pete and Janet came outside for a bit and Brian had a very amusing conversation with Cory. We went back inside. The party started to die down around 5am. About 5:30ish I plopped on the couch downstairs and Bill told me an amusing story of when they were cleaning up after the 4m Fire and him sleeping on two couches much like how Snoopy sleeps on his doghouse. I was between Pete and Brian. Pete passed out. Brian wasn't comfortable and I was freeeeezing. So, Brian called a cab and we trekked back to Fort Henry and promptly passed out.

Brian's brother Chris came out to see him. It was nice seeing Chris. Hadn't seen him since the party over the summer for Beky, Liz 1, and DK. He wandered out about 4 to go to Chez Sarver. Brian and I passed out again and then when we became full conscious, we headed over to Chez Sarver. I still have yet to meet Celeste, but I heard her crying. I got to see Chris again, Faith, Beky, Balkar, and Dan, which is always a good thing :-D A little while later, Brian took me home.

So, all in all, my weekend was awesome and New Years was awesome and I plan on making this year a lot more awesome than last.

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