Aug. 24th, 2010 02:19 pm
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Today, my friend Jon and his wife are having the hardest day of their lives. Their daughter Lexi, who is only 3 years old, is getting a cancerous brain tumor removed.

They found out, back in April, that she had 4th stage Neuroblastoma Cancer, which even as she goes through this surgery, the chances of survival are really slim, especially at her age. But Lexi is a strong girl and she's a fighter. She has been receiving Chemo treatments over these last few months to shrink the tumor so that it could actually be removed. After today, the next two *years* will be crucial for her survival.

I'm really pulling for her.

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Have you seen Lisa Porter? She has been missing since July 30th in Sacremento, CA. All information, including a picture and what she was wearing when last seen is at this link: The link also lists her Facebook page.

Please, if anyone has any information, Contact the Sacremento PD.


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A friend of a friend Chris Coles Pictured here has been MISSING since Tuesday!! His last known whereabouts: He was heading home to CT from his mom's house in NY, however, his EZ Pass was last used in Baltimore, MD! This has raised Red Flags as B-More is in the COMPLETE OPPOSITE DIRECTION of CT.

Please, if anyone has ANY information about the dissapearance or his current whereabouts, please call your local police department!!

Help me boost the signal by posting this to your own journals!

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SamYouAre, if you see this, please know that I am worried about you and wish you would call me so that I know you're alright.

That would really put my mind at ease.


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