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This morning, they finally showed the segment on GMA with Albert Rizzi, the man who touched my life when I met him randomly on the train home back in May. To remind you of that story, go here.

Since most, if not all of you, were either not home or not awake, or you just don't watch GMA, here is the video:

It's fitting that I met him on my last day of Finals last semester, and that GMA decided to show the segment on the last possible day I could watch it live, as I go back to class tomorrow.

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Firefly gets a Musical Mod Makeover

Both picture and link come courtesy of [ profile] chris_walsh.

Shiny! :)


PS: Welcome, [ profile] chris_walsh to my LJ. Don't worry, I don't bite...hard, unless you really want me to. :-P


Jun. 3rd, 2010 12:03 pm
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I have been watching Good Morning America every day for the last 2 weeks hoping to catch the segment with Juju Chang about Albert Rizzi, the man I met on the LIRR who is blind and is CEO of

I believe the segment is going to be on GMA tomorrow morning. Robin Roberts announced what was going to be on tomorrow really quickly and she mentioned a man with a dog. So, if you wanted to catch the segment of Albert Rizzi, this might very well be it! Set your DVRs!!

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On my way home from taking my last final of the semester, I met a very interesting man. When I got on the train, he was conversing with these three out of towners and telling them about all the interesting things around here and there and being quite hilarious about it. When the out of towners got off at Hicksville, I started talking to him.

His name is Albert and he has been completely blind for 4 years now. He lost his vision when he came down with a bout of Meningitis. When he was still able to see, he was a Kindergarten teacher. Now, he is the founder and CEO of a website called My Blind Spot I advise you all to check out his website and read about his journey.

Albert has a very sweet guide dog named Doxie (short for Doxology). I got licks and nuzzles from him :-D

In about two weeks, Albert will be appearing on Good Morning America. The segment has already been taped and will be with Juju Chang :) He's also been on the BBC and News 12.

I'm glad I chose to sit where I did on the train because otherwise, I would have never met him.

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Read and weep, folks: Link to article

I am saddened by this. Next season will have only 13 episodes and then that's it. Ending just barely over 100 episodes (a benchmark for syndication). :( They shouldn't cancel Boston Legal. It's an excellent show!!! And c'mon...where else would you see William Shatner, James Spader, Candice Bergen, and John Laroquette on the same program?! ::pouts::

Tis a sad day in television.


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