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This past weekend I spent in NJ because I hadn't seen [ profile] karistan & [ profile] dqg_neal in a while & I had a meeting to go to on Sunday. On Saturday, we went to the State Theater of NJ to see One Man Lord of the Rings. Go check out the website. I'll wait.

Before attending the show, we had lunch at a brewery that specializes in a Siberian Express Imperial Stout that is 10.2 proof. We shared a sampler, in which this beer was one of the 8 beers presented to us, and we could definitely see how the Imperial Stout would easily knock us on our asses if we had our own pints.


The meeting was a meeting. Nothing that can really be discussed here, so I won't. Nyah.

On my way home, instead of attempting to get all the way home, I went to my friend Charlie's place and I got there just as they got to the half in the Super Bowl. Oh, btw, THE GIANTS WON, WOOOOOOOOOOO!! That was a crazy game. That last play nearly gave me a coronary.

I travelled home on Monday afternoon. Brian was *very* happy to see me when he got home from work, and I was very happy to see him as well. :)


Oh Hai!

Apr. 11th, 2011 11:59 am
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Hey Everyone! Sorry I haven't written a real entry in a while. Life's been a bit crazy and with all the DDoS attacks, I've been kind of discouraged. But fear not! I have a post for you :)

Last Sunday (April 3rd) [ profile] karistan and I attended a session of Talk Cinema in Lincoln Center. The film we saw was an African film called A SCREAMING MAN. Some parts dragged a bit, but all in all, it was a good film. I now know more about the African Film Industry than I ever thought I needed to know. Who knew?

After a yummy lunch at Hummus Place, we went to the American Museum of Natural History and learned about Sea Rex. Saw the dinosaurs and other exhibits and wandered around a bit. Fun times :)

After that, we found ourselves at a small Farmer's Market. Note to self: Must find sunchokes.

We also went to Magnolia's bakery, but since this was not the original location (which is located in the Village), it wasn't so great. Oh well. Can't be awesome all the time.

I love New York City. :-P

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Been awake since 4:30am today... on purpose!! And it's for a worthy cause, I promise!!

Today, I'm meeting up with [ profile] karistan and going to Lincoln Center to see an artsy film, which we won't find out what it is until we're there, and I have to catch a 5:42am train in order to get there on time (reason #9876545678 why the LIRR needs to have more weekend trains).

Fun times in the city :)

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Yesterday was great fun! Brian and I headed to NJ to celebrate [ profile] dqg_neal's 40th birthday (with bonus of it being held on [ profile] karistan's 36th birthday). [ profile] kradical and [ profile] wrenn were there too :)

There were 14 of us and we went to a fine Mexican restaurant in Freehold called Escondidos. Brian had the Mariscos Platter and I had a combo of a Chile Relleno, Empanada, and Tamale. Everything was absolutely scrumptious!!

After fooding, most of us headed back to their place for more hanging out and laughing and kitties! The cats were actually social and friendly, despite there being many, many humans.

We left around 7:45. Shockingly, both going there and coming home, we hit relatively no traffic. Huzzah!!

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My weekend was really fun. Because Monday was MLK Day, Brian had a 3-day weekend, so I stayed at his place through Monday.

On Saturday, we went to Five Guys Burgers and Fries for lunch (I had never been there before). Really tasty. And then it was off to Fairway to spend my gift card that my brother and his girlfriend gave me for my birthday back in April. I attacked their olive bar and filled up a container with garlic stuffed, onion stuffed, and almond stuffed olives. :) Good stuff.

Sunday, Brian and I parted ways after having breakfast. He had to take his folks to the airport and I was heading into the city for the day. Got together with [ profile] karistan again. We have spent a day each weekend together since [ profile] kradical's NYE party. So, we met at the Borders upstairs from Penn Station and then walked over to The Morgan Library and Museum. Interesting fun fact: [ profile] kradical's father works there. they have an interesting collection of stuff. Some things that caught my eye: Original manuscript of Mozart's Symphony No. 39 in D major, and original manuscript of JS Bach's Cantata 112 Der Herr ist mein getreuer Hirt. I'm such a music dork.

After The Morgan, we had lunch at BonChon Chicken which was really tasty. We wandered around a bit after that before heading to the movie theater to see The Social Network which turned out to be a very well done movie. We both liked it :) After the movie we headed to Tick Tock Diner across from Penn Station for dinner, which was also very tasty. We didn't want the day to end because we enjoy each other's company, but I was running out of train options, so it had to. We parted ways when [ profile] karistan's train arrived.

When I got on my train, I was met by this very flamboyant man who made the trip between Penn and Jamaica quite entertaining. Brian picked me up from Ronk.

Monday was a day of lounging. Brian and I didn't leave the house, but we kept ourselves occupied. A good lazy day :)

Excellent weekend.


My Weekend

Jan. 11th, 2011 01:53 pm
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How my weekend was originally supposed to pan out:

Saturday: Go to NJ for Christmas Part 3 with Brian's father's side of the family.
Sunday: A Baby Shower.

How I actually spent my weekend:

Saturday: Because of the snow that was going to rip through NJ on Saturday, Brian's aunt told us not to make the trip. [ profile] karistan and I made a plan to meet up in the City instead.

We met at the Borders right outside of Penn station, walked around midtown for a bit, grabbed lunch and then went to Karaoke Duet on W 35th. We had sooooo much fun!! I hadn't done karaoke in 6.5 years and she never had before. Good times were had by all!! This was the first time I ever did karaoke in a private room setting. Woo! No crazy, bad singing, drunk people!! We stayed for 2 hours (and next time we go, we'll sign up for 3!!)

Afterwards, we met up with Brian and his brother Chris, watched Eddie Izzard and ate pizza. I walked [ profile] karistan back to the subway so she could head home after that.

Brian and I spent the night.

Sunday: Brian and I didn't remember when the Shen Yun (Google it because LJ won't let me link you to the site) dance performance was going to be when I had RSVP'd to go to a Baby Shower. Whoops! Thankfully we'll be seeing each other this coming Saturday, so I can give her her shower gift then. The show was amazing!! The costuming was gorgeous and I appreciated the cheesy effects :) This was the first show I've ever seen at Lincoln Center. We went with Brian's gaming group, and the seats were perfect. Even though we were far up, we were centered and could see everything clearly.

After the show, Brian and I headed back to Chris, where our car was parked, grabbed our stuff and left. Didn't hit any traffic at all :) YAY!! We went to Jimmy's for dinner (YAY Sushi!) and then Brian dropped me home.

All in all a superb weekend! :) I look forward to spending more time with [ profile] karistan. New friends for the win!! She is good people.

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I'm sorry I suck at timeliness on posting this, but I needed a few days to compose thoughts to write them down :)

New Years Eve was *awesome*!! Brian and I picked up Chris (his brother) from their folks (he spent the night after Christmas part II). We got breakfast from the Georgia Diner before continuing on into Manhattan to Chris's apartment. Nolan and Julie joined us and we went to The Cloisters.

After grabbing a bite to eat, we parted ways. Brian stayed with Chris, Nolan, and Julie. I hopped on the bus and headed toward [ profile] kradical's place. There was a really helpful gentleman on the bus that told me when to ring for my stop. For the most part, the sidewalks were clear, until I reached the block where his apartment is, and there was barely a footpath to walk on. Thankfully, I was wearing my snowboots.

I met some really amazing people and had a wonderful time!! Here's some highlights and hilarious quotes (that won't be credited to protect the innocent, and not-so-innocent. However, if you would like to take credit for your quote(s), let me know and I'll add your name to it) from the night:

  • Met: Tina([ profile] karistan), Neal, Danny, Dennis, Laura Anne Gilman, Ian Randal Strock, Nea Dodson ... I know I'm missing at least two people. I suck :(
  • Clicking almost instantly with [ profile] karistan
  • Tina and I determined we were separated at birth, really. We have a lot of the same idiosynchrasies.
  • "When the bottom fell out of the emu market..."
  • Wrenn's homemade meatballs and [ profile] kradical's homemade sauce: Perfect match!
  • Scooter doesn't know what to do with himself! Becomes area rug...
  • "Netflix: The Wonder Drug"
  • New Year's Crackers (these things are weird, but not as weird as the Christmas ones).
  • "Y'know, you don't usually see this kind of action on a mattress without putting a quarter in."
  • "Jumper cables, when properly applied, do wonders for stamina!"
  • "No hamsters, no gerbils, no drain cleaner."
  • Rang in the New Year with Proseco and blackberries (the actual berry).
  • She's a pretty pretty princess!!
  • I meant the previous bullet point in all ways possible!
  • "Why are you pulling on my toes?"
  • Became a very melted puddle of kitten. Ear massages are amazing. The Ferengi definitely got something right with that one... Mmmm.. Oomox.
  • Slept in the library.
  • Sterling plopped on my feet and didn't budge until I really needed to get up.
  • Scooter still didn't know what to do with himself, so he slept in the hallway.
  • Snuggle times for the win!!
  • Brian finally joined us! Huzzah!!
  • Brian and I left around 1:30pm with Tina and Neal and went to a really tasty cafe down the road.
  • Parted ways around 3pm.

    I'm not kidding when I say this was the Best. New Years. Ever! Didn't get a kiss at midnight, but that was more than made up for!! :)

    And for the record? I'm still floating on Cloud Nine. I *might* tell you all why... if you ask nicely.

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