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This is my friend Beth May's cat. It's a very silly cat. Behold:

This picture is just *begging* for a caption. Don't you think??

Comment with your captions! (Open to anyone, so please feel free to share the link to this entry!)

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Tonight, Brian and I went on our annual Christmas Light display tour. We seek out the crazy, most absurd displays imaginable. Unfortunately, we didn't get to all of them because people shut down their lights at some point before we got there. Oh well, here are the highlights:Photo heavy post )


Best Night

Dec. 16th, 2010 09:24 am
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My week has been really shit (I might divulge, I might not). Yesterday was no different. Thankfully, Brian came over, as he's always over on Wednesdays, which helped.

So, after finding out some news that made me feel more bummed than it should have (seriously, it wasn't that big a deal), and Brian was leaving for the night, I needed something to cheer me up.

Mike Russell ( sent out a tweet stating that he was bored and that people should send him suggestions of what to draw; simple things. I asked him to draw a cow.

The following links are to the images he ended up drawing last night:

"A daschund flying the Millenium Falcon"
"My Porkpie"
"A T-Rex losing at chess to a clown"
"A Cow"
"Patrick saying goodbye to his gallbladder"
"A Princess bonding with her pegasus"
"My cat Hellboy as 'Hellboy'"

So, thank you Mike for turning my night into the best night because I couldn't stop laughing. Laughter really is the best medicine :)



Dec. 5th, 2010 03:06 pm
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My Saturday was great! Brian and I went to Hoshi's for lunch (YAY Sushi!!) and then to the relocated Trader Joes. Woohoo!! The store is in a much bigger place now and directly in view of that new Whole Foods store which opened back in March. We bought dinner and some other random things (like Trader Joe's Cilantro & Jalapeño Hummus OMG!!!!!!!!)

Anyway, when we got back to his place, I was very thankful to not have missed out on the opportunity to chat on ustream with WasabiFlux, KittasaurusRex, and muertaXangela.

It started out as an innocent stream of WasabiFlux swapping computer parts and the rest of us pining over his hair. No, really LOOK AT HIS HAIR! ::Ahem:: Moving along... so, then it devolved into reading aloud some of James Joyce's naughty letters. In order to get WasabiFlux to read one aloud, KittasaurusRex agreed to read aloud two of them and muertaXangela said she'd read some of her original work.

After WasabiFlux read, KittasaurusRex set up a stream and we all migrated over there. I really love her glasses. Très sexy.

Meanwhile, muertaXangela was setting up her stream and after KittasaurusRex was done reading the two letters, which were carefully selected by WasabiFlux, we all migrated there. And as I already knew, muertaXangela really *is* adorable. She even has a super cute laugh!! I made her blush quite a few times, and I got a screenshot of the best time of them all (I might share it, if I get permission to do so, otherwise y'all will just have to use your imagination to see this chick blushing).

So, did I mention she's adorable? No, really, she is. And smart, and sexy, and funny, and I could go on but, I think she has already turned a lovely crimson red as she reads this. I love her accent. She's a UK girl, so mmmm English accent. ::swoon:: She read an exerpt from one of her writings in progress. She could read to me anytime she wants! Rawr. And so the night continued on and we all chatted and chatted and chatted. 12 HOURS into chatting (WasabiFlux had fired up ustream at 3:15pm), I had to go to bed. It was 3:15am, after all. Granted, if I was not at Brian's, I likely would have been up even later. I was having so much fun and I didn't want the experience to end.

So, I say to Jeph Jacques (even though he might never see this post, and if he does, that would be super sweeeeeet!!) thank you so much for bringing us together through your love of streaming as you draw Questionable Content. If not for that, I might have never met WasabiFlux, KittasaurusRex, or muertaXangela.

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My friend Becky ([ profile] fuukaba) recently went to a conference in Indiana and when she was on her way back home, she ventured into a gift shop and there were TONS of cow things, so she couldn't resist buying me this:

Becky is awesomesauce!! :-D



Oct. 27th, 2010 09:50 pm
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Someone felt the need to make a comment, that I posted today in an LJ community, into a LOLcat macro...

Behind the cut... )

bonnie_rocks: (Default) I had to switch over to S2 for any color settings to actually stay put. Thank you [ profile] alorarose for all your help.

And now for the other dillemma. My Friend Page looks *exactly* like my journal page. DO NOT WANT! I want it to look like it did before this whole thing happened.

Here is an MSPaint Representation of what I want my Friends Page to look like:

Cut for size )
So...anyone know how to make that happen?

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I had a blast this weekend!!! I went with Brian to the 4th annual Great South Bay Music Festival. We had so much fun! We didn't go on Friday, so I didn't get to see War, however, we were there both Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday )

Sunday )

All in all a GREAT weekend! :-D

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Firefly gets a Musical Mod Makeover

Both picture and link come courtesy of [ profile] chris_walsh.

Shiny! :)


PS: Welcome, [ profile] chris_walsh to my LJ. Don't worry, I don't bite...hard, unless you really want me to. :-P


Jun. 10th, 2010 10:12 pm
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Squeeeeeeeeee!! [ profile] alorarose just sent me a virtual Lemur on here.

I have named it Johnny. Isn't he cute? :)

And if you are wondering why Johnny, it's because The Boogie Knights are super awesome and have a song called "Madagascar" in which they sing about Lemurs... Johnny Lemurs :-D I want to petition to have them back at I-CON!!

D'oh! Embedding was disabled, however, here is a link to a performance of the song:

Lyrics behind cut )


Angry Man

Mar. 2nd, 2010 09:41 pm
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LOL! So, this guy keeps randomly popping up in the ad space on, so I decided to shrink it and make you guys an icon. Feel free to use it, but please credit me. Thanks!!

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This is for everyone on my list that went to Longwood :-D

I just decided to poke around the Longwood High school website to see if teachers are still around. Upon looking at the English list, Mr. Gallanaugh listed his website. Apparently he got married and had a Renaissance Wedding. Since when was he interested in Medieval/Renaissance stuff??

Amongst the pictures...I have found a lovely amusing picture of Mr. Heinricks that can totally be used for blackmail!

Here's the link to Gallanaugh's page: Oy

Link to the pic of Heinricks!!: teehee


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