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Yesterday was the last Friday I'd be heading to Queens College for the semester (Thank goodness). I had to take my BIO final (booooo). As per my typical Friday mornings, I headed to Ronkonkoma to take the train in, because sometimes you just want to travel with someone. I waved to the #crankys that usually take the 719 (that I wish I could take but can't because it doesn't stop at Jamaica) and continued to wait on the platform. As I was waiting for the 732, I decided to send CSDave a text to see what train he was taking (the 740) and decided that for my last Friday, I will travel with Dave. So, I trekked to the opposite end of the platform to wait. Travelling with Dave is always entertaining and filled with many webcomics. And wi-fi... mmmm delicious wi-fi; something they really should offer on the trains.

AM Commute continued )

When I got to campus, I headed straight for the Library. After searching for what seemd for forever, I found a table that had an outlet near it so I could plug in my laptop and look over my notes (For those not in the know, I type the lectures because a) I wouldn't be able to keep up with them if I was handwriting the notes and b) My left thumb has something wrong with it so any time I spend writing really really hurts after a short while). Unfortunately, my choice of spot to study was not optimal.Studying woes )

I have no idea how I did on my final because the questions were really confusing and repetitively confusing at that! I'm really hoping that I passed this one (I have yet to pass a test in this class in which the class average is a 40 and I'm on the other side of that). Thankfully, lab counts for 40% of my grade and I worked my ass off to fill in that lab notebook (thumb issue be damned)! After the exam, I walked my lab notebook over to my Lab professor's office. Further proof that my lab instructor is awesome: no points taken off because he understands my plight, he was listening to "Free Fallin'" by Tom Petty, and he made a Logan's Run reference, to which he knew I'd get and then run with it. I will miss him. He kept me sane when I wanted to kill my nincompoop lab partners.

At this point, there was no way I was making the 303, not that I really wanted to because I hate Suffolk Transit with a passion (even moreso than I hate the MTA and that takes talent!) so I opted to take the 344 so I could get a ride home from the train station. There was an extra added benefit to taking the 344: Getting to see my old LIRR crew. I hadn't taken the 344 in about TWO YEARS!! A lot can happen over the span of two years, and I didn't even know if any of them would still be around. Still, I held out hope and sure enough...PM commute continued )

When I got to Patchogue, I walked to the library because it was really cold and I had 40 mins to wait before my mom would get there to pick me up (this was previously arranged). I took the opportunity to renew my library card and browse the shelves of lacking proportions. I didn't find anything of interest, but that's ok. Now I can go to other libraries again and take out books :)

When I got home, Dan (The Bean) called me. We hadn't talked to each other in quite some time. He updated me on life in Buffalo. He'll be in the area for all of 3 days for Christmas. I'm hoping to steal him for a few hours because I haven't seen him in FIVE YEARS :( That's a really long time to be without your best friend. So, we shall see. I'm really hoping. At least we have our Christmas Eve and New Years Eve traditions to look forward to.

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I was sitting in Brian's room and for some odd reason, a song popped into my head. It wasn't just any song, it was a piece I had written for a Composer's contest back when I was in 6th grade. The piece is called "Sound of the Sea". I actually won two awards for it. The first one was First place in the Fall/Winter composer's contest, given to me December 1994. The 2nd one was the Composer of the Year award, which was presented to me in May of 1995. My name is on a plaque that is still hanging on the wall at Longwood Middle School.

The following year, I had written another piece and submitted it for the Fall/Winter composer's contest and won 2nd place for it. It didn't compare to my first piece, not one bit.

One of these days, I will transfer the piece from audio cassette to the computer. Not sure how to do that without killing the quality though. I could record a Piano only version, but that would leave out the strings and percussion. We shall see. (And yes, all instruments were played by me in the original).

These thoughts led me to wonder when the hell I'm going to get back into composing. When I took Orchestration back in Fall 2008, I arranged three pieces. It was a whole lot of fun and I really wanted to continue in that thread, but then a series of events occurred that included the failing over and over again of the absurd Listening Exams. Because I kept failing them, I had to switch my major. I really *really* miss being a Music major.

I have songs and instrumental pieces floating around in my head (I always do), but it's really difficult to actually get them down on staff paper. It's the composers version of Writer's Block. I need something to pull them out of me... somehow.

Sometimes, I fart around on Finale or Sibelius and have created some very interesting, though very not playable pieces. That had to be put on the back burner as this semester zapped me of any free time I previously had to do such a thing.

I don't know what to do with myself anymore.

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An 8-year old plays Adventure on the ATARI 2600 for the first time. Father gets nostalgic and hilarity ensues.

And now I want to hook up my ATARI and play River Raid. Who's with me??

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This has been the week of looking back to the beginning of all of my journals and other things I still have access to from over the years (including my LOL inbox from OKCupid). Holy shit! A lot of the entries I wrote back then are almost too painful to read! Was I really that awkward?! Jeebus. And dear G-d the messages I sent to potential suitors. Wow. I'm actually really embarrassed that I wrote that way. ::shudder:: What the fuck was wrong with me?!

I'm actually kinda glad that I can no longer access my Mydeardiary account because the website exploded. My Deadjournal is all but defunkt. It still exists, and I still link to it in my profile here, but thankfully, at the end of my run there, I was no longer writing like some awkward little shit. The awkward transitioned into a period of why in the hell did I keep writing teh, on purpose. Really?! And then finally there came a point my Deadjournal didn't make me want to punch myself repeatedly while reading back entries. Unfortunately, at the same time, I was reminded of horrible things that happened to me over the years. ::sigh:: Bad memories :(

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Every so often I get bitten by the Nostalgia bug. The longing of years gone by. What prompted this bout of Nostalgia was Digg, that evil temptress!

So, now, I shall share my plight with you:

1980s Sitcom songs as covered by fans

Which then led me to this: 10 best 80s cartoon theme songs

And now, I have pulled up my specific nostalgia playlist of Theme songs from movies and TV shows from the dawning of time through the 90s.

As a special added bonus, Digg also linked me to this little gem: Apparently the Future was changed I can honestly say I'm one of those people who did not catch that. LOL! Ultimately, this will lead me to watching at least part of the movie later in the week. Ya know...after I get through my at least 4 days worth of Theme songs, probably more, but I don't feel like converting the minutes to days right now :-P

Ahh nostalgia. I love you dearly. If anyone is interested, I could send you some of my massive collection of TV and movie theme songs. :-D


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