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Over the last couple of weeks, I have been experiencing way too much anxiety for my own good. The source of my anxiety stems from this:

As of May 1st, my parents are downgrading to a 1-bedroom apartment in the same complex we are living in currently because they simply cannot afford the rent hike that would come starting in June when their lease would roll over. However, the complex does not allow more than 2 people to live in a 1-bedroom apartment. If they did, I'd sleep in the extra little room. It'd be no different from my current living arrangement as I live in the living room here.

So, I'm moving in with Brian. I've wanted to do this for a while now, but not under these circumstances. I don't have any money to my name or a job. I'm still going to QC. Needless to say, it's going to be a very stressful time until I can get a source of income. Not that Brian cannot fully support both of us on his own, because he very much can (and has for quite some time) but there are added stressors as well. ALL of my stuff is going into storage. All of it. The only things that will be with me at his place are my clothes, my laptop, and some important incidentals. Everything else? Storage. Not happy about it, but there's literally no space for any of my stuff!

Personally, I'd like to live in a place that is only occupied by Brian and I. This isn't a knock on his housemates; I love them dearly and it was actually through my being friends with them that Brian was able to move in in the first place.

I'll be spending my entire Spring Break moving into Brian's room. Spring Break for me starts the Monday immediately following I-CON and goes through April 26th. I will need all the help I can get to move at least the boxes over to Brian's storage unit. I worry about my furniture and getting it out through the front door because I built it all inside the apartment; it's never once been through that door assembled (or *any* door. Remember: living in living room). It's also solid and quite heavy (this isn't IKEA furniture) and aside from having to take it down a flight of stairs, there's a long pathway to get from the apartment to the parking lot. I'm very seriously considering hiring movers. With what money? I have no idea...

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OK, Here's the deal: Michelle needs people to help her move her stuff from the room downstairs to her new room upstairs.

When people are needed: Anytime today/tonight :)

Where people are needed: Fang Keep

What you get if you help: Free pizza!!! get free food for helping her move upstairs.

The more people the merrier...and the faster the stuff will be moved upstairs.

Thank you in advance for helping.

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Ok, here's the deal. The Keep is in need of new people to move in. Sarah is moving out and Gushi can't pay for Michelle anymore. The house is located in Ronkonkoma and is in an extremely convenient location as right across the street from the house is a CVS and a Produce Warehouse, as well as other things one would find in a shopping center (like a bagel shop, pizza, chinese, and a Thai restaraunt). It's also approximately a mile away from Portion road where there is a Stop and Shop :-D

The Keep has decently sized rooms, and depending on what people could afford, Gushi might take Michelle's (larger) room, or he might keep the one he currently lives in. There's a cat, but those allergic generally should not expect an issue with her as Gushi normally reacts badly to cats, and this one was never an issue for him. They also bathe her regularly, which can be funny as hell to watch.

And it really is funny as hell!! I watched Gushi wash the cat the other night...and now she smells like apples :-D

Anyway for more information, visit Gushi's LJ. If you are interested, let me and/or Gushi know :-D


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