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Today, I went to the movies with [ profile] alorarose and Brian. It was decided a few days ago that we would see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I, and Tangled. Five dollar matinees are awesome, for the record. We had 30 minutes between the two movies to stretch.

I'm going to try my hardest to not include spoilers. This will be rather difficult, to tell you the truth, but try I might.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I )

Tangled )

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It's November 17th, and that means it's Life Day!! For those of you who don't have any clue what I am talking about, On November 17, 1978, CBS aired the Star Wars Holiday Special, for the first, and ultimately last time.

George Lucas wrote the story, and despite his want to destroy every last copy of it in existance, the special is actually Canon! The storyline occurs between Star Wars (ep IV) and The Empire Strikes Back, and it is the 1st time we ever meet Boba Fett! The plot, in a nutshell, is Chewbacca and Han Solo are headed to Chewie's home planet of Kashyyyk to celebrate Life Day. They are chased by two star destroyers which cause them to go into Hyperspace. Hilarity ensues and there's a cast of spectacular guests: Art Carney, Bea arthur, Harvey Korman, Diahann Carroll, and Jefferson Starship (with the purple dildo microphone)!! As well as Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, Anthony Daniels, Peter Mayhew, Kenny Baker, the voice over of James Earl Jones with stock footage, and Sir Alec Guinness stock footage.

Carrie Fisher, cracked out of her mind, sings the theme song of the special to John Williams' Star Wars theme.

I love every moment of it!! So, join me today in watching the Star Wars Holiday Special here:

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Hi everybody!!! (Hi Dr. Nick!). I just got home a little bit ago from Sylvan Lake. Brian and I had a wonderful time. Brian's aunt and uncle were nice enough to offer to let us stay at their lake house, so that's what we did! [ profile] diaryofroses lent us a ton of Miyazaki films, so we watched one every morning and every night. We went to Stew Leonard's in Danbury, CT (yes, this is actually an experience) to stock up on food for the days we were going to be there. I was sad they no longer have the petting zoo, however, they still had the Party room. Thursday was just a get settled in day. I Grilled every night except for last night, but we'll get to that later. So, dinner for Thursday night consisted of Grilled Tilapia, grilled yellow squash, and rice. We ate on the porch and drank in the country air..I mean inhaled it. LOL :)

Friday, we decided that a Dutchess County atlas would be very helpful, so we headed to a nearby Border's, which we got lost getting to. As we were lost, but on the right track (we were never truly lost), We were stopped at a light and this elderly woman started walking up to the car. Brian rolled down the window and she asked if we could take her to the post office up the road. We debated and ultimately decided to do so. After all, it was only 3 lights away (still a 10 mins drive). She was a loon, but didn't try to kill us or steal anything, so it was ok. We dropped her off and went on our merry way to Borders (we had crossed the road we needed when we were dropping the woman off at the Post Office). Brian bought an Atlas, a crazy puzzle of DOOM, a cookbook, and got me "Star Trek: A Singular Destiny" by [ profile] kradical. Sooooo awesome so far the 2nd time around (first time I read it, I took it out of the library and it was really awesome then too...and now I own it). After Borders, we headed back to the house and I made us lunch. Brian started to separate the puzzle pieces, and doing the puzzle became our afternoon activity. A work in progress, Almost done, Complete, Another view. I made turkey burgers with grilled asparagus for dinner, and started to marinate Saturday's dinner.

Saturday, we decided to do Walk-across-the-Hudson, where you cross over the Hudson on a pedestrian bridge that used to be the bridge for the train. It was really really neat. We decided to do the loop that also included walking over the Mid-Hudson bridge. On the way to that bridge, we read a sign about Bridge Music. Apparently, a composer named Joseph Bertolozzi wrote a composition using only sounds that come from the Bridge. He used mallets and things to make those sounds. Go here to learn more about it. We had a great time and I'd definitely do it again! Dinner on Saturday was Grilled chicken thighs that were marinated in Daddy Sam's Just Slop it On BBQ sauce, with Grilled corn on the cob seasoned with limes. Friggin scrumptious! I suggest everyone try to find this BBQ sauce.

Sunday, we woke up to pouring rain. Oh shit, the grill was still outside. Fuuuuuu!! We had decided the day before that we were going to see "Despicable Me" at a movie theater, so I asked [ profile] kradical if he could research where and when it was being played. We ended up going to the Showtime Theater in Newburgh and went to the 1:30pm showing. The movie was cute and funny and awesome and I WANT A MINION! Then we went across the street to the Mall and hit up Game Stop because why the fuck not?! After that, we were hungry for dinner, but there was no way I'd be grilling in the pouring rain (I should tell you that we had no access to an oven, so this was our only source for cooking). So, we went to Uno Chicago Grill. Yummy dinner. On the way to Uno, we stopped at the Regal movie theater down the road and found out they were showing Inception at 7pm. We went after dinner! Never in my life have I ever seen movies in 2 separate theaters in one day. I've done the multiple movies in one day in the same theater though. Inception was amazing and confusing and a complete MIND FUCK! But soooooo worth it. Made for interesting discussions for the rest of the night.

Today was a clean the house day and make it look better than it was when we got there. We finished all the Miyazaki films, took our time cleaning, packed up the car and were on our merry way around 4:45. We hit absolutely NO TRAFFIC the whole way home. That includes the Throggs Neck and the Cross Island! So awesome. We stopped by Brian's parents house to drop of a watermellon and they fed us. I got home at 7:30.

There is no way in hell I will be able to get through Livejournal posts (From Wednesday night til today) in any kind of timely manner. So, if there is anything that needs my attention ASAP, please point me to it in the comments here.



My weekend

Jun. 28th, 2010 01:12 am
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I had a pretty eventful weekend this weekend.

Saturday: I went driving. We ended up at 4th World Comics on 111. Why oh why do comic books cost so much??? [ profile] kradical will be pleased though because I picked up both issue 7 and issue 8 of his Farscape comic book. I'm on a quest to obtain issues 1-6. Apparently, back isses have higher prices. Maybe Best Bargain Books would have them.

Anyway, then I drove to Hoshi for lunch, Mmmm sushi, and then back to Brian's. I went driving again later when we had to pick up a few things from the store to accompany dinner. Dinner was Chile Lime Chicken Burgers from Trader Joes with a spicy polenta, peas, and spinach mix also from Trader Joes. For the burgers, we had kaiser rolls, banana peppers, cheddar cheese, and guacamole. Fucking scrumptious!

After dinner, we watched Capitalism: A Love Story which is a documentary by Michael Moore. It was very interesting. The part about bosses taking out life insurance plans on their employees really gets my goat. WTF is wrong with these people?!

Sunday: Brian wasn't feeling too well, so we didn't get out of the house till around 11:30. I ended up driving all the way out to the Panera Bread in Riverhead. That was an epic trek because first I forgot it was on 58, not 25, so I had to cut through Tanger Outlets. Then we forgot that it's a Right from Tanger to get to Panera...we went left. So...adventures ahoy! Lunch was tasty. I love Panera. I got a Cuban Panini and shared it with Brian and Brian got a Strawberry poppyseed Chicken salad with a bunch of tasty fruit in it, which he shared with me. Then I drove us back to his place.

Fast forward to time to go home: I drove home, in the dark!!! :-D Woohoo!!

I am now one weekend closer to getting a license. Not sure when I will be getting my license, but this is a good start :-D


Mew :)

Feb. 19th, 2007 09:47 pm
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This weekend was filled with awesome. On Friday, I went to Fort Henry and spent the night, but I had to be home by 10:30am Saturday morning to do laundry...bah.

Aside from laundry on Saturday, I did nothing else. So, essentially, Saturday sucked.

Sunday, however, was awesome. Brian picked me up and I drove from here to Tanger Outlet in Riverhead. Parking Lot of evil -_- Brian had to get himself sneakers, which was why we went to Tanger. Three pairs of sneakers and one pair of boots later, we were done. We went back to Fort Henry and watched "The Big Lebowski." Great movie. I highly suggest it if you've never seen it.

Today was President's Day, so I didn't have class today! Huzzah!! Instead, I drove some more. I'm getting a lot better, though I still have some things I need to work out.

So, that was my weekend. This week is going to kick my ass though with having to be on campus till 10pm and then head to my friend's house in Brooklyn for the night because of the stupid timing of trains and such and the fact that I have class early in the morning next day. Blah.

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Happy Life Day everybody!!!!! To celebrate, one must watch the Star Wars Holiday Special!! :) If you lack a copy, I have 5. No, really.


PS: Happy birthday to [ profile] beadedbudgie
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This is for everyone going tomorrow to see RENT (the Movie) with me!!!!

We will be going to Loews in Stony Brook and seeing the 7:40pm show. We should figure out what time to meet up at Loews. Being as it's opening night AND it *is* RENT...we should get there relatively early to buy tickets. I'm out of class at 5. Get back to me with this :)

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"Serenity" will be playing at Loew's in Stony Brook on Friday. I want us to either catch the 9:10pm or 10:10pm showing of the movie. I plan on leaving by 7:30pm from the Forum. So get here *before* then.

Please leave a comment to let me know if you are going to be joining us!!


PS: If you don't have a ride, make arrangements with people who drive.

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