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I was sitting in Brian's room and for some odd reason, a song popped into my head. It wasn't just any song, it was a piece I had written for a Composer's contest back when I was in 6th grade. The piece is called "Sound of the Sea". I actually won two awards for it. The first one was First place in the Fall/Winter composer's contest, given to me December 1994. The 2nd one was the Composer of the Year award, which was presented to me in May of 1995. My name is on a plaque that is still hanging on the wall at Longwood Middle School.

The following year, I had written another piece and submitted it for the Fall/Winter composer's contest and won 2nd place for it. It didn't compare to my first piece, not one bit.

One of these days, I will transfer the piece from audio cassette to the computer. Not sure how to do that without killing the quality though. I could record a Piano only version, but that would leave out the strings and percussion. We shall see. (And yes, all instruments were played by me in the original).

These thoughts led me to wonder when the hell I'm going to get back into composing. When I took Orchestration back in Fall 2008, I arranged three pieces. It was a whole lot of fun and I really wanted to continue in that thread, but then a series of events occurred that included the failing over and over again of the absurd Listening Exams. Because I kept failing them, I had to switch my major. I really *really* miss being a Music major.

I have songs and instrumental pieces floating around in my head (I always do), but it's really difficult to actually get them down on staff paper. It's the composers version of Writer's Block. I need something to pull them out of me... somehow.

Sometimes, I fart around on Finale or Sibelius and have created some very interesting, though very not playable pieces. That had to be put on the back burner as this semester zapped me of any free time I previously had to do such a thing.

I don't know what to do with myself anymore.

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This fuckwad used to beat my brother up in JHS.

Man Charged in Murders of 2 Missing Men

I hope he fucking fries.

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For those of you who went to Coram Elementary school, or who know Aaron Factor, his mom Carla Factor (My 2nd grade teacher) Passed away on Monday morning. I found this out from my mom who left me a note on my desk about it. She had apparently been in the hospital for a while. ::Sigh::


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This is for everyone on my list that went to Longwood :-D

I just decided to poke around the Longwood High school website to see if teachers are still around. Upon looking at the English list, Mr. Gallanaugh listed his website. Apparently he got married and had a Renaissance Wedding. Since when was he interested in Medieval/Renaissance stuff??

Amongst the pictures...I have found a lovely amusing picture of Mr. Heinricks that can totally be used for blackmail!

Here's the link to Gallanaugh's page: Oy

Link to the pic of Heinricks!!: teehee


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