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On Saturday night, I went to Mulcahy's in Centereach for Charlie's final gig before he and Val move to California. Charlie got a job with APPLE and he starts next month.

The night was bittersweet. I hadn't seen Silent Generosity play since I saw them at the Great South Bay music festival over the summer. I was excited to see Dennis there to show his support (he was with the band until he went away to boot camp...) and one of my former co-workers Christina was there as well. :)

The show put my life into perspective: I have been following Silent Generosity for 8 YEARS. I had met Charlie in our Western Civilization class and he told me about this band that he just joined and his first gig with them, at Molly Blooms, a battle of the bands contest, was my introduction to SG. So it was fitting that I would be at his last gig with them.

Here's the playlist from the show:

1st set
Show You the Way
Hit and Run
Machine Head (Bush cover)
Break Me Down
Misguided Fools

Intermission -- During the intermission, Silent Generosity played a video tribute to honor Charlie, as a surprise.

Ryan made an announcement when they were about to start the 2nd set that Dennis would be playing the next 3 songs instead of Cory. This made my night. Dennis should always be playing with them. :) It was a nostalgia trip...

2nd set
Walking Dead (w/Dennis)
The Light (w/Dennis)
Shadow of the Sun (w/Dennis)
Charlie improvised stuff on his bass in this spot. So awesome.
Girl Was Gone
Tragic End
Lost Time

You can find most of these songs here and here

I wish Charlie and Val all the best on the west coast!!

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My weekend was really fun. Because Monday was MLK Day, Brian had a 3-day weekend, so I stayed at his place through Monday.

On Saturday, we went to Five Guys Burgers and Fries for lunch (I had never been there before). Really tasty. And then it was off to Fairway to spend my gift card that my brother and his girlfriend gave me for my birthday back in April. I attacked their olive bar and filled up a container with garlic stuffed, onion stuffed, and almond stuffed olives. :) Good stuff.

Sunday, Brian and I parted ways after having breakfast. He had to take his folks to the airport and I was heading into the city for the day. Got together with [ profile] karistan again. We have spent a day each weekend together since [ profile] kradical's NYE party. So, we met at the Borders upstairs from Penn Station and then walked over to The Morgan Library and Museum. Interesting fun fact: [ profile] kradical's father works there. they have an interesting collection of stuff. Some things that caught my eye: Original manuscript of Mozart's Symphony No. 39 in D major, and original manuscript of JS Bach's Cantata 112 Der Herr ist mein getreuer Hirt. I'm such a music dork.

After The Morgan, we had lunch at BonChon Chicken which was really tasty. We wandered around a bit after that before heading to the movie theater to see The Social Network which turned out to be a very well done movie. We both liked it :) After the movie we headed to Tick Tock Diner across from Penn Station for dinner, which was also very tasty. We didn't want the day to end because we enjoy each other's company, but I was running out of train options, so it had to. We parted ways when [ profile] karistan's train arrived.

When I got on my train, I was met by this very flamboyant man who made the trip between Penn and Jamaica quite entertaining. Brian picked me up from Ronk.

Monday was a day of lounging. Brian and I didn't leave the house, but we kept ourselves occupied. A good lazy day :)

Excellent weekend.

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As promised in This Post, I'm going to tell you all about two really great podcasts: The Chronic Rift and Fanboy Remix.

Fanboy Remix is the brainchild of Bobby Shortle & Brian Verderosa, both of which I went to High School with. They graduated a year after me, but I was good friends with Brian (we still occasionally talk nowadays, but I haven't seen him since he was touring as his solo project and I was living literally next door to him, so it's been quite a few years). Anyway... I've been listening to the Fanboy Remix podcast pretty much since its inception (when Brad Jones, another person I went to HS with, was part of the show), through the format change and gaining a female perspective. Nowadays, Fanboy Remix is a podcast which features Bobby, Brian, Jacqui (a Brit transplant!), and Bob talking about TV shows they've watched recently, reviewing new movies, Box Office numbers, "Trending topics", and more! It's hard to really describe the dynamic of the show, so you'll just have to listen to it. Here's the most recent podcast: Episode 2.29 "Happy Holidays" You can subscribe to them on iTunes as well.

The Chronic Rift is a podcast based off of a Public Access Show that aired in NYC in the 90s, which was hosted by Judith Funari and Keith R.A. DeCandido ([ profile] kradical). Created by John S. Drew ([ profile] drewshi), both the old Public Access Show (which is available to view Here!!) & the podcast offer news, reviews, interviews, discussion, and commentary on all aspects of pop culture with a heavy emphasis on science fiction and fantasy (I borrowed the description from the Chronic Rift website). Each week, the Chronic Rift regulars bring amusement to their listeners ears. Everything brought to the table is interesting. Once a month, they have an In Review episode where John S. Drew poses a trivia question for the listeners to answer and win prizes. Also in that episode, Keith has his "Couch Potato Salad" where he reviews tv shows he's been watching. Very recently, they ran the 12 Days of Riftmas and each day there was a different regular hosting the show and doing something they wanted to do. For example, on Day 3, Orenthal ([ profile] popfiend) read two warped versions of Twas the Night Before Christmas, one of which was a Lovecraft Christmas. I've said this elsewhere, but I absolutely love being read to. That being said, Day 3, Day 7 (where John S. Drew reads his Doctor Who short story), and Day 11 (where Keith reads 2 of his stories that I mentioned here) were my favorites of the 12 Days of Riftmas. I would link you to the most recent Chronic Rift episode, but it's an after show. You can download the episodes directly from the website or subscribe to it on iTunes. You can also subscribe to the old Public Access Show (The Chronic Rift Classic) on iTunes. Trust me when I say it's worth it just to see Keith as his 21 year old self.

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ProTip: Never take 18 credits in one semester. No matter how tempting it is to get classes out of the way, DON'T. DO. IT. EVER!

As of yesterday at 6:30pm, Fall 2010 semester from HELL finally ended!! So, what do I have to show for it? Enough sleep dep to last a lifetime. And after all my effort that I exuded for DOOM project, my professor rejected my chapter. Thankfully, he has given me an incomplete (and there were 4 other people that got rejected as well, so I'm not the only one). If he had failed me, I don't know what I would have done. The class is extremely difficult and my one *absolute requirement* to graduate with my degree. ::Headdesk::

Speaking of graduating, Queens College isn't offering any classes I actually need next semester. So far, I'm signed up for 2 classes, but that's not enough to reach 12 credits. I'm so sick of college it's not even funny. Can I *please* go back to being a Music Ed major... please?!!! Sadly, the only way that can happen is if I transfer again, and that's not happening. I learned my lesson the first time :(

So, aside from being eaten by finals, I've been keeping myself occupied on my commutes, when not travelling with #crankys, by listening to podcasts. If you guys aren't listening to The Chronic Rift or Fanboy Remix, you really should be. They're both really great. I tweet about them all the time, but I guess I've never actually mentioned them here. I'll leave that for another post, that I actually have time to write because I'm done for the semester!! ::ahem::

Before I close this post out, I'd like to Welcome all my new readers (and welcome back an old one) that have cropped up over the last month: [ profile] tarzanic, [ profile] amandanoelle82, [ profile] yendi, [ profile] hiatazealo, and [ profile] drewshi!! You're all awesome :)


Best Night

Dec. 16th, 2010 09:24 am
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My week has been really shit (I might divulge, I might not). Yesterday was no different. Thankfully, Brian came over, as he's always over on Wednesdays, which helped.

So, after finding out some news that made me feel more bummed than it should have (seriously, it wasn't that big a deal), and Brian was leaving for the night, I needed something to cheer me up.

Mike Russell ( sent out a tweet stating that he was bored and that people should send him suggestions of what to draw; simple things. I asked him to draw a cow.

The following links are to the images he ended up drawing last night:

"A daschund flying the Millenium Falcon"
"My Porkpie"
"A T-Rex losing at chess to a clown"
"A Cow"
"Patrick saying goodbye to his gallbladder"
"A Princess bonding with her pegasus"
"My cat Hellboy as 'Hellboy'"

So, thank you Mike for turning my night into the best night because I couldn't stop laughing. Laughter really is the best medicine :)



Nov. 30th, 2010 01:11 pm
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At 10:45am today, a 3.9 magnitude Earthquake occurred 79 miles off the coast of Long Island. I did not feel anything because I'm at QC. Did any of my Long Island readers feel tremors this morning??

Long Island Press article about the Earthquake

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Tina Fey was awarded the Mark Twain award the other night on PBS. PBS editted her speech because it went over time. What they editted out is her criticisms of Sarah Palin on Rape Kits, Gay Marriage and Evolution. Hmmm...

Anyway, here is her speech in its entirety. The editted portion starts around 12:30.

Watch the full episode. See more Mark Twain Prize.

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Dear Maura Kelly,

I would really love to know how you could get away with writing this piece of shit. I just read the original article *and* the update and I must say that YOU MAKE ME SICK! What the fuck were you thinking in even writing that article?! It is NOT OK.

I have been overweight/obese most of my life (started getting pudgy in 4th grade...) and I have struggled with it. In recent years, I actually lost 50 lbs (yea, go me!) but I still have a looooong way to go. I'll have you know that I am part of a community on LJ for people like me, and for you to tell us that we are not healthy is just appalling. There are people in that community who have run 5K's and done Triathlons. Have *you* done that? Probably not.

So FUCK YOU for saying we're not healthy. Yes, a good chunk of us might not healthy... but neither are the people who are in what's considered "normal" weight ranges!

As for you being grossed out at the sight of two fat people kissing, if you don't like it, don't watch!

I wonder what would happen if you changed the word overweight to, say, lesbian, or black? (Thank you to Amanda Marsh for this thought) Would you have still written the article?

In response to your "apology" You have dug yourself so far into a hole that there is NO WAY TO COME OUT OF IT! You are forever stuck in that hole and I will *never* help you out of it.

No Love,


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Firefly gets a Musical Mod Makeover

Both picture and link come courtesy of [ profile] chris_walsh.

Shiny! :)


PS: Welcome, [ profile] chris_walsh to my LJ. Don't worry, I don't bite...hard, unless you really want me to. :-P
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Thank you to [ profile] auntiesiannan for showing this to me.

I'm too angry for words right now.


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Brian sent me a text this morning telling me that Debbie Gibson and Tiffany (Yes, those 1980s pop-culture icons) will be battling each other in the Syfy (I hate writing that. It looks so stupid.) Original Movie "Mega Python vs. Gatoroid". Apparently, Debbie Gibson is no stranger to the G-d awfulness of the Syfy Original movies as this is a sequal to a movie she starred in called "Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus". I shit you not.

NYTimes ran an article about it today in the Arts, Briefly section.

In a statement, Tiffany said: “Only in my dreams have I been able to have a catfight with Debbie Gibson ... until now! This is soo mega cool!” Ms. Gibson added: “I know that pop-culture fanatics have been dying for Tiffany and me to collaborate for the past 24 years! What better way to do it than by battling each other in a campy romp through the Everglades?” The film is to be shown next year. An accompanying shopping mall tour was not immediately announced.

That would definitely be a mall tour show I would attend, if only to see them battle each other. What the fuck is a Gatoroid anyway? Is that like a hemorrhoid for Alligators? Or a super mega hemorrhoid that BITES you in the ass?

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Every so often I get bitten by the Nostalgia bug. The longing of years gone by. What prompted this bout of Nostalgia was Digg, that evil temptress!

So, now, I shall share my plight with you:

1980s Sitcom songs as covered by fans

Which then led me to this: 10 best 80s cartoon theme songs

And now, I have pulled up my specific nostalgia playlist of Theme songs from movies and TV shows from the dawning of time through the 90s.

As a special added bonus, Digg also linked me to this little gem: Apparently the Future was changed I can honestly say I'm one of those people who did not catch that. LOL! Ultimately, this will lead me to watching at least part of the movie later in the week. Ya know...after I get through my at least 4 days worth of Theme songs, probably more, but I don't feel like converting the minutes to days right now :-P

Ahh nostalgia. I love you dearly. If anyone is interested, I could send you some of my massive collection of TV and movie theme songs. :-D

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Oh fucking LOL!! Thank you to [ profile] gamoid for posting this. ::snort::

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This fuckwad used to beat my brother up in JHS.

Man Charged in Murders of 2 Missing Men

I hope he fucking fries.


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