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As some of you already know, I had to go on a field trip for my Geology class. My lab section went yesterday, with some other sections. The field trip brought us to the Rock Hill quarry in Essex county, NJ and to Orchard Beach in the Bronx.

We were informed on Thursday during lab that we had to be at Queens College no later than 7:45am. Charter buses would be leaving promptly at 8am. Brian and I left his place around 6:15am so that we would have enough time to sit down and have breakfast at a diner near campus. I got to campus at 7:45 and no one else was there except for me, all the lab instructors, and the buses. Within 5 mins, most of the students arrived and we were able to board the buses. After we boarded, the driver decided to spray bathroom spray in the bus (he couldn't do that *before* we boarded??) We ended up leaving around 8:15am.

Field Trip Part the 1st: )

I got back to the bus around 11:45. We ate our lunches on the bus (I brought a Tuna sandwich from Subway...mmmmm) and at Noon we started heading to Orchard Beach in the Bronx! Woohoo!!

Field Trip Part the 2nd: )

Brian came and got me and then we ended up going to Friendly's for dinner. Nom nom nom...

All in all a good day. My legs still ache though...

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So, in a few short hours, I will be on my way to the land of the Adirondack Mountains. I am going on my first vacatiion with Brian :-D Also coming with us are Janet and Beky, followed by Nolan and his gf Julie within the next couple of days.

Lots and lots and lots of hiking will be involved as well as a day trip to Montreal and a day trip to Burlington, VT.

I think the last time I went on a week long vacation was *atleast* 12 years ago maybe more, definitely not less. I'm so ecstatic about this :-D

When I get back, I will try my hardest to catch up in LJ-land. It might take a few days though. heh.

I'll be back on the 24th!!!

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Today was much of the awesome. Brian and I went to the California Diner for breakfast and then headed to Shirley for much hiking at Southhaven. It cost only $2 (Green Key holder price) for us to park because the guy in the booth didn't want to charge $5. :-D We parked and got out of the car at 11:40am.

We went all over and found some really awesome trails to go down. At one point we went off the beaten path and got "lost" in the woods. We eventually found the trail again. We ended up hiking all the way to the LIRR tracks in Yaphank. Craziness.

On our journey, we saw a Tortoise, and found a really awesome tree with native carvings of 3 Faces on it. Top to bottom: Male, younger Male, Female. They were very detailed. :)

We got back to the car at 5pm. OMG sore, but I had soooo much fun hiking today.


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