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Thursday 12/21: [ profile] muhon was in town, so Gushi, myself, Aakin, and Mark joined her at Hoshi for a very tasty lunch. Thank you for treating us all :-D And then of course it was Barbara's 21st birthday. We (Gushi, Michelle, JC, Jenn, myself, and Barbara) went to The Rinx to ice skate and then headed to The Keep and proceeded to all get shitfaced (except for JC because he had to drive). Gushi, upon eating his Orange Chicken discovered A piece of Brick in his food. I spent the night.

Friday 12/22: Barbara awakes with only a slight headache. Huzzah! I went with Gushi to work. That was an experience. It was "Fix the bathroom fan" day. A trip to Home Depot and a Gushi covered in drop ceiling, the fan was fixed. Gushi offered to pick my mom up from work :)

After we dropped my mom home and I grabbed a bunch of clothing, and then we went to the Solstice party. It was a lot of fun...sooo many people were there. And Brian Marcoe offered to teach me how to drive. He drives a School Bus, so I'll definitely be in good hands. We go back to The Keep and I spent the night.

Saturday 12/23: Gushi and I went to see The Pursuit of Happyness. Excellent excellent movie and Will Smith's son was in it. Then we went back to The Keep and watched Star Trek: The Animated Series. Janet came by and Gushi, myself, Janet, and Michelle went to Eldorado for tasty dinner. I spent the night.

Sunday 12/24: Gushi and I went to Stop & Shop to buy everything we needed for Xmas dinner. That was fun. Gushi then drops me home so I can shower and grab more clothing. He went to his mothers house. He comes back to pick me up and we head back to The Keep. Emilie and Fossil came by. We started baking and making the apple/pineapple sauce. Gushi plays Trauma Center for the Wii. Fucking insane game. I spent the night.

Monday 12/25: Happy Chismahanukwanzukafestivyule. Gushi and I cooked a *ton* of food. Joining he and I for dinner were Michelle, Chris, DK, and Tommy. We had a bunch of leftovers. Michelle played Zelda on the Wii...what a pretty game, though my favorite still stands: Link to the Past. After that, Gushi played more Trauma Center. Amazing game of DOOM. I spent the night.

Tuesday 12/26: Happy Boxing Day. Gushi felt like poo and Fossil came by. I packed leftovers to take home with me. We went on an adventure leading to me getting home. I got home a little after 6pm. I stayed home. My family was confused. It was funny.

And that was my week in review.

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If you like Ham, homemade Macaroni and cheese, homemade creamed spinach, and homemade applesauce of yum, and Gooey cheesecakes of DOOM.....come by The Keep!! Food should be ready between 5 and 6pm! :-D

Come one come all!!! We have plenty of food to go around...

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OK, Here's the deal: Michelle needs people to help her move her stuff from the room downstairs to her new room upstairs.

When people are needed: Anytime today/tonight :)

Where people are needed: Fang Keep

What you get if you help: Free pizza!!! get free food for helping her move upstairs.

The more people the merrier...and the faster the stuff will be moved upstairs.

Thank you in advance for helping.

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Ok, here's the deal. The Keep is in need of new people to move in. Sarah is moving out and Gushi can't pay for Michelle anymore. The house is located in Ronkonkoma and is in an extremely convenient location as right across the street from the house is a CVS and a Produce Warehouse, as well as other things one would find in a shopping center (like a bagel shop, pizza, chinese, and a Thai restaraunt). It's also approximately a mile away from Portion road where there is a Stop and Shop :-D

The Keep has decently sized rooms, and depending on what people could afford, Gushi might take Michelle's (larger) room, or he might keep the one he currently lives in. There's a cat, but those allergic generally should not expect an issue with her as Gushi normally reacts badly to cats, and this one was never an issue for him. They also bathe her regularly, which can be funny as hell to watch.

And it really is funny as hell!! I watched Gushi wash the cat the other night...and now she smells like apples :-D

Anyway for more information, visit Gushi's LJ. If you are interested, let me and/or Gushi know :-D



May. 17th, 2006 05:44 pm
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Attention to those who normally hang out at the Keep

There will *not* be hangoutage at the Keep tonight due to stuff. Don't ask me. I don;t even know what's going on. Anyway....NO hang out at the Keep tonight.


There is still going to be a diner run at 7pm!!!! At our usual spot :-P See you all then!

Also there are talks of maybe hanging out at Ryan's after the diner run...that will be discussed most likely at the diner.


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