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As promised, here is the post I was going to make a couple weeks ago about the LI Philharmonic Concert at Heckscher State Park on July 17th. Yes, this means I actually have the program in my possession :-D

The decision to go to see the free concert was made pretty much on last minute. Our Saturday had opened up because of cancelled plans and we jumped on the chance to go see LI Phil. Last summer, NY Phil (who used to do this concert yearly) had to cancel due to financial reasons and the LI Phil was to play in their place, but that got squashed too, so we needed to jump on the Concert in the Park bandwagon just in case financial reasons keep them from holding the concert again.

I drove us there, but before we could go, we needed to pick up [ profile] alorarose, chairs from my folks, dinner from Subway, and Nolan. It couldn't have gone any smoother than it did. :-D I really am getting the hang of this driving thing.

We got there with plenty of time to spare, donated $20 ($10 was the suggestion), and parked. We found a good spot on the lawn and settled in. [ profile] vampedvixen joined us soon after. As the sun was going down, All the important people who made this concert possible were talking on the stage and then the concert started.

The first half was filled with greatness. Here's the list with commentary )

Then it was intermission. Awesomeness abounded. Much texting occurred to people who could not be with us that evening. ::Cough [ profile] kradical Cough:: And then they made the anouncement that the Concert was about to continue.

Part the 2nd of the concert with commentary )

All in all a great concert and a great night!! Couldn't ask for better weather either. Brian decided to drive home. Nolan went with Janet because she was low on gas. We took Danielle home. Only took about 30 mins to get out of Heckscher State Park, which was impressive considering the last time (in 2008) it took us nearly an HOUR.

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We survived the Parental Units finally meeting each other for the first time! :-D Brian and I are so happy that they all got along. ::breathes HUGE sigh of relief::. I drove back from Huntington tonight. I hate motorcycles!!! ::grumbles::

Fireworks we saw along the way back to Brian's were gorgeous :)

Did anyone catch the MACY's Fireworks Spectacular???? If you did, let me know if you saw me and/or [ profile] warkythechocobo during the LeAnn Rimes segment!!!


My weekend

Jun. 28th, 2010 01:12 am
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I had a pretty eventful weekend this weekend.

Saturday: I went driving. We ended up at 4th World Comics on 111. Why oh why do comic books cost so much??? [ profile] kradical will be pleased though because I picked up both issue 7 and issue 8 of his Farscape comic book. I'm on a quest to obtain issues 1-6. Apparently, back isses have higher prices. Maybe Best Bargain Books would have them.

Anyway, then I drove to Hoshi for lunch, Mmmm sushi, and then back to Brian's. I went driving again later when we had to pick up a few things from the store to accompany dinner. Dinner was Chile Lime Chicken Burgers from Trader Joes with a spicy polenta, peas, and spinach mix also from Trader Joes. For the burgers, we had kaiser rolls, banana peppers, cheddar cheese, and guacamole. Fucking scrumptious!

After dinner, we watched Capitalism: A Love Story which is a documentary by Michael Moore. It was very interesting. The part about bosses taking out life insurance plans on their employees really gets my goat. WTF is wrong with these people?!

Sunday: Brian wasn't feeling too well, so we didn't get out of the house till around 11:30. I ended up driving all the way out to the Panera Bread in Riverhead. That was an epic trek because first I forgot it was on 58, not 25, so I had to cut through Tanger Outlets. Then we forgot that it's a Right from Tanger to get to Panera...we went left. So...adventures ahoy! Lunch was tasty. I love Panera. I got a Cuban Panini and shared it with Brian and Brian got a Strawberry poppyseed Chicken salad with a bunch of tasty fruit in it, which he shared with me. Then I drove us back to his place.

Fast forward to time to go home: I drove home, in the dark!!! :-D Woohoo!!

I am now one weekend closer to getting a license. Not sure when I will be getting my license, but this is a good start :-D


Mew :)

Feb. 19th, 2007 09:47 pm
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This weekend was filled with awesome. On Friday, I went to Fort Henry and spent the night, but I had to be home by 10:30am Saturday morning to do laundry...bah.

Aside from laundry on Saturday, I did nothing else. So, essentially, Saturday sucked.

Sunday, however, was awesome. Brian picked me up and I drove from here to Tanger Outlet in Riverhead. Parking Lot of evil -_- Brian had to get himself sneakers, which was why we went to Tanger. Three pairs of sneakers and one pair of boots later, we were done. We went back to Fort Henry and watched "The Big Lebowski." Great movie. I highly suggest it if you've never seen it.

Today was President's Day, so I didn't have class today! Huzzah!! Instead, I drove some more. I'm getting a lot better, though I still have some things I need to work out.

So, that was my weekend. This week is going to kick my ass though with having to be on campus till 10pm and then head to my friend's house in Brooklyn for the night because of the stupid timing of trains and such and the fact that I have class early in the morning next day. Blah.

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So, yesterday, I learned the art of driving at Night. This was the first time I ever drove at night. :) I started out during the day driving and then the sky gradually got darker while I was driving until the night sky existed. My eyes do NOT like the bright headlights of the oncoming traffic. However, I have learned a trick to supplement the looking at the white line to my right. It's hard to explain, so I won't :-D I have also learned that my perception changes a ton while driving at night. What I thought was a lot closer was actually far away from me. I gained a lot of confidence driving at night :-D, now that I've tackled Night driving...I still have stuff to work on. Must be aggressive when changing lanes, and I have to move quicker out of intersections, among other things I have to work on (like getting over my fear of the LIE). That will come with more practicing. Mmmmm...driving. My knees don't like me because I'm in the same position while driving and can't fidget. They'll get used to it...eventually.

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Happy 2007 everyone!! Hope you enjoyed your New Years celebration as much as I did!! :-D

So..the days preceeding 2007 were filled with awesome fun times. On Friday, Brian came by and I drove his car for an hour and a half. Twas a lot of fun :-D His car is low to the ground, so I feel much safer than when I was driving my friend's truck over the summer. Then we went over to Attias Flea Market. I hadn't been there in quite some time. Afterwards, we went to Fort Henry, where I feel very much at home. Nolan was just waking up and I got to see CSDave in a rare non-suited occurance, not to mention his hair not looking usual. I told him he should keep his hair that way and he gave me such a look. :-P I was being serious though... Anyway, so later on, Jarrod, Lisa, and Boglin came by. Lisa cooked for us. And we had alcohol...mmm..alcohol. Saaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrsguaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrd!!! I ended up spending the night.

Saturday, I drove Brian's car again. We ended up on the LIE because the service road decided it wanted to end. So, after I regained my composure because omg I'm driving on the LIE...we ended up in Eastport. I drove all around till we ended up back in Selden (that is, after driving around Manorville, down to Yaphank, up to Rocky Point...across to Coram, and down to Selden). It was fun, and I get to drive again really soon :-D We went for pizza and then he drove me home.

New Year's Eve was awesome. My brother was making Vodka sauce from scratch, so it smelled heavenly in the apartment. JC picked me up and we went to go pick up Jenn from her house. We stayed there for a bit and then headed to Bill and Victor's. I had a blast!! The party was smaller than the usual Bill and Victor party but it was fun. The weird occurance of the evening was seeing a person I hadn't seen since I graduated High School. He met a different me that night. I got pleasently drunk and we rang in the new year watching the ball drop. Bill got the projection thing hooked up 3 mins before the New Year :) First hug of 2007: Pam. First kiss of 2007: Victor.

I then wandered off to go play some drunken DDR (there was also Drunken Wii playing going on). Drunken DDR on hard plastic pads is not as fun as on the soft pads. At around 12:30 or so, a bunch of people went down to the park to set off fireworks. I stayed back and was out on Victor's deck with Brian and we were out there for the next 2 hours...until it started to rain. Pete and Janet came outside for a bit and Brian had a very amusing conversation with Cory. We went back inside. The party started to die down around 5am. About 5:30ish I plopped on the couch downstairs and Bill told me an amusing story of when they were cleaning up after the 4m Fire and him sleeping on two couches much like how Snoopy sleeps on his doghouse. I was between Pete and Brian. Pete passed out. Brian wasn't comfortable and I was freeeeezing. So, Brian called a cab and we trekked back to Fort Henry and promptly passed out.

Brian's brother Chris came out to see him. It was nice seeing Chris. Hadn't seen him since the party over the summer for Beky, Liz 1, and DK. He wandered out about 4 to go to Chez Sarver. Brian and I passed out again and then when we became full conscious, we headed over to Chez Sarver. I still have yet to meet Celeste, but I heard her crying. I got to see Chris again, Faith, Beky, Balkar, and Dan, which is always a good thing :-D A little while later, Brian took me home.

So, all in all, my weekend was awesome and New Years was awesome and I plan on making this year a lot more awesome than last.


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