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On Thursday morning, I embarked on a journey to the Bronx to visit [ profile] kradical, [ profile] wrenn, Dale, Newk, Rhi, Belle, Sterling, and Scooter. I hadn't been to their place or seen any of them since September. And though I had more recently seen [ profile] kradical, it was still back in September. Damn our non-compatible schedules!

I caught the 7:19am super express train to Penn with two #crankys (one of which I had never actually travelled with before, but have met on numerous occassions) and CSDave caught the train with us too, which was crazy in and of itself because he's usually on a later train. He took the train with us because he needed to lend me some things and give me a belated Chanukah present, which was really awesome of him. He gave me a *signed* copy of The Evil Gazebo by Bernie Mojzes.

I had some time to kill once I got to Penn before continuing on the next leg of my journey, so I decided I'd catch up with the world on the internet. Fat chance. Penn station claims to have Wi-Fi. It connected but nothing ever loaded, so it was as good as useless. Oh well. Time passed by and I hopped on the subway, shockingly got a seat, and was on my way to the Bronx. YAY!! The 1 decided to run express between 168th and 207th. Whoops. It didn't pass my stop, but complicated some things because of timing. I wasn't supposed to get to my stop until 10. I was there 20 mins early! Thankfully, it all worked out and [ profile] kradical picked me up. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! ::ahem::

I got a warm welcome from Scooter when we got to the apartment. This dog, OMG. I love Scooter. He's an almost 11 year old Golden Retriever puppy who really loves me. According to Wrenn, Scooter doesn't react to and interact with other houseguests the way he does with me. I'm special :)


  • Had really interesting conversations with Wrenn, Dale, and Keith
  • Went to the diner.
  • Went on an errand run: Got a bookcase from Target so Wrenn could complete her shelving of books (AND SHE DID!!), and went to a grocery store that had a crazy cheese section (mmmm free sample Extra Aged Gouda... nom nom nom)
  • All the kitties made themselves known and got snuggles and tons of scritches from me.
  • Scooter competing for ALL of my attention.
  • Went through all of Wrenn's book doubles and ended up with quite a few :)
  • Walked Scooter with Keith down to a Basketball court so Scooter could run around.
  • Watched Pulp Fiction, Midnight Run, and the first 3 episodes of Hustle. Great show that is. I have to watch more of it.
  • Keith made a scrumptious dinner.
  • Wrenn made a really tasty dessert.
  • Tons and Tons of Keith hugs. Seriously, he gives the best hugs.
  • Snuggled up with Scooter and Rhi when I went to sleep. Woke up to Sterling.
  • Listened to the 11th day of Riftmas, which featured Keith reading "Diary of a False Man" from X-Men: Legends and "Here There Be Monsters" from the Star Trek SCE series, both written by him. It was so great :) I love being read to, so this made my early morning, before everyone else was awake.
  • More snuggles from the animals.
  • Having conversations with each other while not moving from our rooms. This was silly and fun at the same time. Eventually I made my way into their room.

    It soon came time for me to head home. Trust me when I say I did NOT want to leave. I love Keith, Wrenn, and Dale. They always make me feel welcome in their home. I'm sad I didn't get to say goodbye to Dale because he was not awake when I left. Motivation for me to actually leave was [ profile] alorarose offering to pick me up from the train station. I hadn't seen her since Black Friday. I bid Keith and Wrenn adieu when they dropped me off at the A train. So sad :( As I was going down the stairs to the subway, I missed them already.

    The MTA website lied and said there was a 1:10pm train. When I got to Penn, I had to do a mad dash because the train was actually at 1:05pm and I first had to purchase a Penn to Jamaica ticket. I made the train by the skin of my teeth. The doors were closing when I was still on the stairs. Yikes! My lungs hated me for the entire trip to Merrick. Random occurance: When the train got to Rockville Centre, I noticed someone I know on the platform and managed to get her attention from inside the train :) It pays to wave like a lunatic.

    [ profile] alorarose picked me up and we went to Friendly's for foodage and then she drove me home. I rolled out and baked half a batch of Gingerbread (which yielded 40 gingerbread men) to bring with me to Brian's family Christmas celebration. :) So much gingerbread. I didn't feel like decorating them though. Oh well.

  • Friday

    Dec. 18th, 2010 08:52 am
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    Yesterday was the last Friday I'd be heading to Queens College for the semester (Thank goodness). I had to take my BIO final (booooo). As per my typical Friday mornings, I headed to Ronkonkoma to take the train in, because sometimes you just want to travel with someone. I waved to the #crankys that usually take the 719 (that I wish I could take but can't because it doesn't stop at Jamaica) and continued to wait on the platform. As I was waiting for the 732, I decided to send CSDave a text to see what train he was taking (the 740) and decided that for my last Friday, I will travel with Dave. So, I trekked to the opposite end of the platform to wait. Travelling with Dave is always entertaining and filled with many webcomics. And wi-fi... mmmm delicious wi-fi; something they really should offer on the trains.

    AM Commute continued )

    When I got to campus, I headed straight for the Library. After searching for what seemd for forever, I found a table that had an outlet near it so I could plug in my laptop and look over my notes (For those not in the know, I type the lectures because a) I wouldn't be able to keep up with them if I was handwriting the notes and b) My left thumb has something wrong with it so any time I spend writing really really hurts after a short while). Unfortunately, my choice of spot to study was not optimal.Studying woes )

    I have no idea how I did on my final because the questions were really confusing and repetitively confusing at that! I'm really hoping that I passed this one (I have yet to pass a test in this class in which the class average is a 40 and I'm on the other side of that). Thankfully, lab counts for 40% of my grade and I worked my ass off to fill in that lab notebook (thumb issue be damned)! After the exam, I walked my lab notebook over to my Lab professor's office. Further proof that my lab instructor is awesome: no points taken off because he understands my plight, he was listening to "Free Fallin'" by Tom Petty, and he made a Logan's Run reference, to which he knew I'd get and then run with it. I will miss him. He kept me sane when I wanted to kill my nincompoop lab partners.

    At this point, there was no way I was making the 303, not that I really wanted to because I hate Suffolk Transit with a passion (even moreso than I hate the MTA and that takes talent!) so I opted to take the 344 so I could get a ride home from the train station. There was an extra added benefit to taking the 344: Getting to see my old LIRR crew. I hadn't taken the 344 in about TWO YEARS!! A lot can happen over the span of two years, and I didn't even know if any of them would still be around. Still, I held out hope and sure enough...PM commute continued )

    When I got to Patchogue, I walked to the library because it was really cold and I had 40 mins to wait before my mom would get there to pick me up (this was previously arranged). I took the opportunity to renew my library card and browse the shelves of lacking proportions. I didn't find anything of interest, but that's ok. Now I can go to other libraries again and take out books :)

    When I got home, Dan (The Bean) called me. We hadn't talked to each other in quite some time. He updated me on life in Buffalo. He'll be in the area for all of 3 days for Christmas. I'm hoping to steal him for a few hours because I haven't seen him in FIVE YEARS :( That's a really long time to be without your best friend. So, we shall see. I'm really hoping. At least we have our Christmas Eve and New Years Eve traditions to look forward to.

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    About a month ago, I was invited to go to Wing Night, tonight, at Croxley's Ale House in Farmingdale by the #crankys on Twitter. In order for me to be able to go, I had to pull a few strings and switch around some stuff. I moved Family Dinner Night for this week to tomorrow night, and got Brian to come along with me! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

    I met everyone around 7:15pm (due to my phone missing tweets...lousy phone). There were 6 of us: Ethan, Jason, Nelson, Damien, myself, and Brian. Since it was International Leslie Day, Leslie was unable to join us and the Crankycommuter had work things to take care of, so she (Yes she, #crankys) wasn't able to join us either.

    Good times, wings, and beer were had by all. Huzzah!! :) Next time wing night with #crankys comes around, COUNT ME IN!!

    Thank you for the great night, guys!!!


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