May. 17th, 2006 05:44 pm
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Attention to those who normally hang out at the Keep

There will *not* be hangoutage at the Keep tonight due to stuff. Don't ask me. I don;t even know what's going on. Anyway....NO hang out at the Keep tonight.


There is still going to be a diner run at 7pm!!!! At our usual spot :-P See you all then!

Also there are talks of maybe hanging out at Ryan's after the diner run...that will be discussed most likely at the diner.

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This is in reference to this post. If you haven't already noticed by clicking on that link, I have not only unscreened all of the comments, but locked the comments so that no one can reply to them after I've posted this response.

For me, the Science Fiction Forum was an outlet, a place I could go to be myself and not have to pretend. It was a place where I could have a love for Science Fiction and share that love with others and not have to worry that people wouldn't like me for it and therefore be accepted by everyone there. It's my sanctuary...well atleast it was. Now it feels like I'm being pushed away, that I'm being treated like an outcast. Well you know what? I'm not going to let any of you push me away. I am just as much of a Forumite as every single one of you. And if you don't like that I say that? Too bad. Because I am a Forumite and I'm not leaving.


PS: To answer your questions Drew, Yes, I love Science Fiction. My favorite science fiction authors are Neal Stephenson (Cryptonomicon), Douglas Adams (Hitchhiker's series), C.S. Lewis (The Chronicles of Narnia...all 7 books. I read them when I was in Elementary school), Steven King, Ray Bradbury (I actually enjoyed having to read Farenheit 451 in school), and a newly found author Robert Marston Fannéy (I might just buy another copy his book so I can donate it and others to the library). Just because I've never taken books out from the Forum library, doesn't mean I've never read the books we have. I've spent many a night sitting in the library, with no one else around to bother me, and read some of the best science fiction we have in there.

As for Star Trek episodes, I loved the *entire* original series (I own it), and TNG (working on owning it), so I couldn't tell you favorite episodes because I love them all. The time that Levar Burton took Reading Rainbow onto the set of NextGen is still, to this day, my favorite episode of Reading Rainbow.

My taste in Science Fiction movies range from the very cheesy (Star Wars Holiday Special) to the extremely awesome (Original Trilogy of Star Wars) to the parodies (Spaceballs) to the downright weird (A Clockwork Orange). And those are just a few examples of the movies of Science Fiction that I love.


Dec. 15th, 2005 12:42 pm
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In light of last night's grievances, I would like to know what you all think about me. Being 100% honest with me, tell me what you like/don't like about me and the reasons why. All comments will be screened, however, anonymous comments MUST be signed so that I know who says what. Don't ignore this post. I really want to know all of this. Thanks.

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"Serenity" will be playing at Loew's in Stony Brook on Friday. I want us to either catch the 9:10pm or 10:10pm showing of the movie. I plan on leaving by 7:30pm from the Forum. So get here *before* then.

Please leave a comment to let me know if you are going to be joining us!!


PS: If you don't have a ride, make arrangements with people who drive.

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Neils has requested of me to gather information for the website, and by information, I mean 4m Stories!!! Of course, other events and forum happenings should be sent as well. But yea... Please send all of your stories to me so I can get them to Neils as fast as possible :-D


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