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Yesterday, George Takei linked, on Twitter, to a t-shirt he created that you could buy and all the proceeds go to benefit LGBT non-profits fighting for equality and against bullying in our schools, including GLAAD, The HRC Education Fund, and The Trevor Project. So I thought to myself, "I can get behind that!" and I clicked the link. This is the t-shirt:

The text on the shirt is as follows:

Born straight? Refuse to hate.
Born gay? Follow Takei.
Born bi? Decided on the fly!

The first two lines are great and fill me with warm fuzzies! The last line, however, rubs me the wrong way. Here's why:

Being bisexual has NOTHING to do with who you are with at the time and EVERYTHING to do with who you are attracted to. What Mr. Takei is implying here is that being bisexual is just a place-holder for what your "real" sexuality is.

A bisexual person does not just wake up one day and decide that "today I'm going to be straight!" and then go to sleep that night to then wake up the next day and decide that "today I'm going to be gay/lesbian!". Bisexuals are not on the fence. There is no fence!! It doesn't work that way. I should know. I'm bisexual.

I'm a bisexual whose fiance is male, but that does NOT mean that I am not attracted to females, or other genders, as well. STOP TRYING TO ERASE MY SEXUALITY!!

Which reminds me ... about a month ago, a gay, former friend of mine asked, "Does anyone else find it funny when someone 'comes out as bi' or is it just me? lol". I was appalled by this line of thinking & at everyone else who was chiming in agreeing with this clown! So I asked "Why is that?" and they responded, "Why is what? Noone "comes out" as straight. So, people are essentially coming out as half gay and half straight???? Sorry, but that's ridiculous." So, I was essentially erased by this "friend". He is no longer my friend.

Bi-erasure is NOT COOL! Mr. Takei, you might think that your t-shirt is all inclusive, but you are erasing an entire sexuality of people and that just does not fly with me. I expected better from you. What that last line *should* say: Born bi? OH MYYYY!

If I so choose to, I will donate directly to these charities and not through buying your t-shirt.

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