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Hey Everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that Brian and I are safe and OK. Sunday, Brian dropped me off, with the food, to my parents' place. They live in an apartment complex with underground power lines, so we figured that would be the safest place for our food. Brian went to his folks.

My parents only lost power for 2.5 hours on Monday night. Brian's folks have been without power since around 5pm Monday (and will continue to be without for the foreseeable future). The house in which Brian and I live lost power for 24 hours from Monday 7:45pm til Tuesday 7-ish. Our housemates kept me informed of the status of any trees, the house, and electricity.

Brian and I went to the house yesterday and raked and bagged up leaves. There was a large tree dangling on power lines a few houses down from us. Hopefully that will be dealt with soon so that I can feel confident that the power won't get knocked out again.

Brian and I were very lucky. My heart goes out to everyone who lost their home in this horrible horrible storm.

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